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Gran regalo: para conductores nuevos y profesionales Práctico: una mini aspiradora para coche o camión que es compacta, ligera (2.4 libras) y fácil de usar. Equipado con un filtro HEPA, este pequeño recogedor de polvo está listo para cenizas, polvo o derrames de alimentos. Un kit de detalles de coche totalmente cargado alojado en un diseño ergonómico Potente: esta aspiradora de mano está hecha para uso en movimiento y resolver problemas fuera de alcance. ¿Un día muy arenoso en la playa? ¿Un abrigo de pelo de perro? La aspiradora portátil para coche está diseñada para resolver problemas Fuerte succión: la fuerza ciclónica y la fuerte succión del motor de 106 W en estas aspiradoras de mano terminarán cualquier suciedad, residuos o migas de difícil acceso. Nuestra mini aspiradora de coche incluso tiene un filtro lavable de primera línea Kit de limpieza de coche: incluye 3 accesorios para detalles (cabeza plana, extensible o boquilla de cepillo), bolsa de transporte, cepillo de filtro y filtro HEPA de repuesto. Accesorios de coche imprescindibles para mujeres u hombres; estos dispositivos mantendrán el interior lindo y ordenado Práctico: ¿la batería siempre se muere cuando necesitas una aspiradora de coche? Estos accesorios de camión para hombres y mujeres utilizan la toma auxiliar de 12 V. El cable de 16 pies proporciona la holgura necesaria para limpiar el asiento trasero o el maletero sin enganches. También es ideal para limpiar barcos con un puerto de encendedor de cigarrillos de 12 V o están dentro del rango de cable de 16 pies

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Easy To Use For Quick Cleanups!

1. Turn on your car and plug into the 12V outlet.

2. Pick one of the 3 free attachments for those hard to reach areas.

3. Clean from front to back!

4. Use our included filter brush to brush out any excess debris and extend the lifespan of your filter.

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ThisWorx Model 1.0 ThisWorx Model 2.0 Type of Filter Single Paper Double Filter Suction Power 106W & 8.8 amps 110W & 9.17 amps Length of Cord 16ft 16ft Includes 3 all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag, 16ft long power cord, Additional HEPA filter, cleaning brush 3 all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag, 16ft long power cord, 2 filters, cleaning brush Weighs 2.4 lbs 2.4 lbs

Información de producto

Marca ThisWorx for Características especiales Ligero, Compacto, Filtro lavable, HEPA Factor de forma De mano Color Negro Tipo de filtro Tela Nombre del modelo Aspiradora portátil para coche Recomendación de superficie Alfombra Fuente de alimentación Batería Dimensiones del producto 13.39″L x 3.94″W x 4.33″H pulgadas Componentes incluidos Limpieza en seco o húmedo, juego de boquillas, cable de alimentación de 16 pies de largo, filtro HEPA adicional, cepillo especial para limpieza de filtros ¿Es inalámbrico? No Voltaje 12 Voltios Peso del artículo 2.4 Libras Capacidad 2.5 Libras Potencia 106 vatios Fabricante ThisWorx Número de artículos 1 Tipo de controlador Botón Push Método de control Tocar Peso del producto 2.4 pounds ASIN B06ZY896ZM País de origen China Número de modelo del producto TWC-01 Opinión media de los clientes 4.0 de 5 estrellas

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Descatalogado por el fabricante No Volumen 2.5 Onzas de líquido Se requiere ensamblaje Sí Descripción de la garantía Garantía del fabricante 365 días a partir de la fecha de compra. Requiere baterías No Importar Importado

Información adicional

Peso 3 lbs
Dimensiones 13.39 × 3.94 × 4.33 in

Negro, Negro Inalámbrico, Blanco


106 vatios

Características especiales

Ligero, Compacto, Filtro lavable, HEPA

Factor de forma

De mano

Tipo de filtro


Nombre del modelo

Aspiradora portátil para coche

Recomendación de superficie


Fuente de alimentación


Dimensiones del producto

13.39"L x 3.94"W x 4.33"H pulgadas

Componentes incluidos

Limpieza en seco o húmedo, juego de boquillas, cable de alimentación de 16 pies de largo, filtro HEPA adicional, cepillo especial para limpieza de filtros

¿Es inalámbrico?



12 Voltios

Peso del artículo

2.4 Libras


2.5 Libras


ThisWorx for

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Tipo de controlador

Botón Push

Método de control


Peso del producto

2.4 pounds



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Número de modelo del producto


Descatalogado por el fabricante



2.5 Onzas de líquido

Se requiere ensamblaje

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60 valoraciones en ThisWorx – Aspiradora para automóviles portátil

  1. J Goedgedrag

    Works just fine

    For the money you can’t go wrong, worked well enough to suck out most of the dirt from a plant that spilled in my car. Cord is more than long to reach the farthest corners of your car.

  2. Micaiah Farnham

    Good for maintenance upkeep, but not deep clean

    I got this for my husband to keep in his car. It works fine, just not great. I think this would work really well to keep your car clean, but it won’t get it clean if it isn’t already. I think it’s great to have on hand in case of a spill, or for regular maintenance cleaning, but not for a deep clean of your car. I’m not mad about this, I got it for pretty cheap. It does work pretty well, just not for deep cleaning purposes.

    A 6 personas les resultó útil

  3. Will

    Good vacuum for the price but don’t expect to be getting a deep clean with it.

    I have used it multiple times and I cant ever pick up all the debris with the vacuum, there’s always some small rocks that don’t get picked up, but for the most part this is a good vacuum. If you are on a budget and don’t care about a deep clean too much, this vacuum is just the one for you.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  4. Michael guarez

    Convenient little vacuum

    I like this little vacuum, its perfect for cleaning on the go. I hate having to lug out my vacuum cleaner or go to the car wash to use those huge awkward hoses that don’t fit in small places, but this vacuum comes with just the right attachments. I especially like that it can plug right into your car, no need for long extension cords! It comes with an extra filter and a little cleaning brush to get the dirt out when it gets too full. Yes the filter is small and needs to be changed often, but im always surprised by all of the dirt it sucked up! I recently had a glitter explosion in my car lol and although it didn’t get every speck (I mean c’mon it’s glitter) it definitely got the job done and I was very happy I could quickly clean up tha majority of it without having to break out the house vacuum. The hose attachment works ok for getting on the sides of the seat, but I really wish it had a long plastic attachment specifically for that, otherwise its great. The cord is long enough for my 3rd row seating mazda cx9. Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase!

    A 145 personas les resultó útil

  5. Amazon Customer

    Worth the money for sure

    Only wish it was just a little bet stronger. But it still does the job well.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  6. Musicophelia

    Perfect for family vehicles

    Got this on Cyber Monday sale, but I think it’s worth the regular price. It works well for its size and I can clean out our entire mini van because the cord is so long. I’m happy to have this which helps me keep our vehicle relatively clean and neat. My meticulous grandfather would be proud 😌

  7. T-lou

    Good little vacuum

    I have a white dog who leaves lots of hair on my black interior of my car. This little vacuum did a great job of getting it mostly gone!

  8. jake spiker

    Nice compact vacuum

    Suction worked good getting bigger things but struggled just a little with finer things such as sand/dirt. I use it on my truck which is usually pretty dirty from off-roading.

  9. LT

    It’s ok.

    Esta bastante bueno para el precio que tiene.

  10. Wanda


    I was using this product this weekend and had to throw it away. The cord started to burn, smoke was everywhere

  11. kitkat

    Not Worth the money

    Wont suck up auto floors and husband complains about it all the time

    A una persona le resultó útil

  12. KC

    Great for the show field

    This is a great little vac to prep your car for the car show on the field. I bought myself one last year and my husband wanted one for his car. Saw it at great discount during the holidays so I bought it for him.

  13. Blynn

    Not quite strong enough

    Bought as a gift for my daughter. She said that it does an ok job. Not quite strong enough.

  14. Gerald J. Brown

    Good product

    I like it

  15. Link

    Lets be honest

    So I bought this thing on deep discount. I didnt expect much for what i paid for it but its actually pretty decent. If you want something that will deep clean your car carpet, then you might want to keep looking, but if your in the market for something that can quickly and conveniently clean seats and floorboards, then this is worth having. It is a great little vacuum to keep in the trunk and use to spot clean messes on the go. It does need to be emptied frequently (which is pretty easy) as if the filter gets covered the suction power suffers, but for the cost this was worth it.

    A 22 personas les resultó útil

  16. Jason’s accountJason’s account

    Powerful suction for its size

    This product works as the name says this worx. I am impressed with the suction for such a small cleaning vacuum, its worth the price.Please note that for some cars with lower amp fuse for example (10 amps ) i would suggest installing a fuse 5 amp higher than the original. This is because the vacuum might draw more power and heat than the fuse can handle which will then pop the fuse. Though that is the main purpose of a fuse it can be annoying to be replacing fuse every now and then.

  17. Tonya Berkley

    Seen better

    It’s OK but not great

  18. Morganne Todd

    Got as a gift

    Got this as a gift for my sister and she loved it bc she has kids and they’re always messing up the car

  19. SAUNDRA D.

    That it works…that’s the key

    That it does the job.With my disabilities, this provides flexibility without overpowering me with inability for flexibility. Easy to use and that is the key for me.Since I cannot take my vehicle to a regular car wash [due to my electronic lift] I can only use touchless.This means I’m not capable of using a vacuum in my SUV…due to its weight, etc.This vacuum is perfect for my needs!

  20. Serene Conaway

    Works best when car is on

    I love this little vacuum. It works best when the car is on to give it more power, but it still works well when the car is off. I like that it came with so many attachments. I got this thing on sale for $12 and I’m so so happy with it.

  21. brittnie kraft

    Works great for small jobs

    Wish it was a little more suction power but great for my camper

    A una persona le resultó útil

  22. April L.

    Nice for the price

    This is a nice item. It is well made for the price and does the job

  23. Sarah

    Great value

    Great price and perfect for easy quick pickups in the car love I can plug it into cigarette lighter

  24. Lady_Strawberri

    Not what I expected

    The suction is good. It depends on what you’re trying to get up out of your car. The cord is reasonable. Deep cleaning is so so. To be honest this is a vacuum for light cleaning in your car. It really does a great job

    A una persona le resultó útil

  25. Aby Gale

    Very useful

    Very handy

  26. Enagda

    Corded vacuum works pretty well

    I had been looking for a cordless car vacuum for a while when I came upon this corded one on sale for $11. It was a no brainer to try it out. The cord is long enough to get around the entire interior of my large SUV. It plugs into a cigarette lighter and comes with a case to house it, plus 3 attachments. It does a decent job cleaning the carpets yet takes a bit of time and effort. The flat attachment works well to detail crevices around the interior of my car. The vacuum could benefit from more suction power. Yet overall the cost makes it a very worthwhile buy. Would buy again.

    A 16 personas les resultó útil

  27. Amazon Customer

    Works well and easy to use

    I cleaned the interior of a car and the vacuum worked beautifully. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and picks up just about every kind of debris. Christmas tree needles embedded in the fabric are the only thing it wouldn’t always pick up. Highly recommend.

  28. Jimmy

    Good For Light Cleaning

    Good quality and works great for light messes only, It doesn’t pick up small pebbles that accumulate on the floor board of my truck.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  29. Barbri

    Gets the job done

    Works pretty well for minor pick ups, like the things that pick up from the ground. Not good for dog fur.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  30. RiteshRitesh

    Not bad

    Suction power is ok! But you may still need to go for those washing center vacuums.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  31. Animal Crazy


    This mammy jammy is the bomb diggidity!! Sucktion is great!! My only hang up is vacuum hose could be more durable but all in all it gets the jobs done!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  32. Amazon Customer


    This product is amazing!!! I would recommend this to literally everyone. The suction is surprisingly very very good and does a great job in cleaning the inside of your car. The only minor issue was that you have to dust off the filter every few minutes or else the suction begins to weaken. Besides that I really really love this product

  33. cynthia perez

    Good for what it’s worth…suction could be better

    I received this as a Xmas gift, which I really appreciated. My wife knows I like keeping our cars as clean as possible. My review in brief: nothing will come close to the vacuum cleaners available at car washes or vacuums like a Shop Vac, but I do wish the This Worx vacuum cleaner had better suction. It picks up top layer (loose) debris fairly easily, but it takes a bit more elbow grease to pick up lint and small particles that get into the fibers of the carpet. This a nice on-the-go, compact car vacuum option for what it is.While the manufacturer recommends having the car on to get maximum power out of the ThisWorx, I didn’t feel or see much difference with the car off (plus who wants to leave their car running for 10-15 minutes). For those hard to suction particles, I recommend using the brush that’s included and really giving the vacuum some good strokes across the carpet surface to loosen and pick up those pesty particles. This seemed to be the most effective way to really put this vacuum to the test. However, there will still be some debris left behind (I’m a stickler for a clean car so for me this was a negative).Among the items included in the handy bag (a big plus) is a small hose. When added onto the vacuum to pick up trash in hard-to-reach places, the hose didn’t initially do much and took a few passes to really suck up trash. Speaking of attachments, they fit in easily and tightly, but you have to give them a good yank to take them off.The 16 foot cord is a huge plus and it’s really nice that they include an extra filter (and brush to clean the filter). Overall, this is an OK, light weight mini vacuum cleaner and I would recommend it but with a “buyer beware” noting my feedback. For stronger suction, it looks like ThisWorx offers a cordless vacuum cleaner with a 60W motor, which I’m assuming is stronger than the one I was gifted.I hope this review helps. Happy cleaning.

    A 17 personas les resultó útil

  34. Leslie Morales

    Very good car vac

    First time use was excellent. Cleaned my whole car really well. Lots of attachments for all the detailing you need.

  35. Amazon Customer


    I like this little This Worx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum it work Awesome just let cool down it a plunging like a cigarette lighter so it will be hot so be careful . Let it cool down and your good to go .

  36. TashaD

    Good for convenience

    I appreciate the car plug option, when I’m down in my underground parking structure. As other reviewers mentioned, the suction is not that great. I bought the more expensive model with higher voltage and can’t imagine the lower volt one. Good for tidying up. Not a deep clean obviously.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  37. Paul Dare

    Color me impressed

    This thing sucks!Seriously, though the suction is impressive for such a small, offbrand vacuum. I bought this to use around the house so I didn’t have to get out the big, heavy Shark every time there is a small cleanup somewhere. Just had to buy the AC to DC cigarette lighter Converter to charge it in the house and it holds a charge impressively long. Comes with all the tools to get in those hard to reach spaces like between the oven and the cupboards, underneath the oven and around the trashcan with the crevice tool extension. I haven’t really used the brush much, but it seems perfect for cleaning off baseboards. Filter is easy to clean out(even comes with a second filter) and handy carrying case for travel. Only thing that would sweeten this deal is a wall mount to charge it(and if it came with the AC to DC converter plug to charge it).

    A 16 personas les resultó útil

  38. Jo mathes

    Does the job

    Does the job but wish it had a little more suction. It sucked up the messes in my vehicle but my car wasn’t the dirtiest it’s been so with that said I wish there was more suction power. I really liked the different attachments and being able to get in tight spaces to vacuum was very nice.

    A 6 personas les resultó útil

  39. jason

    Easy to use size

    Very short battery life. I can’t finish my entire car without it being plugged in.

  40. Sheri

    Didn’t work with my car

    This was a great price, arrived quickly, and was nicely packaged. Before I opened the box I realized I didn’t have the type of outlet it needed so I returned.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  41. Al

    Been using it for a year. Holds up great!

    MY REVIEW AFTER USING FOR A YEAR:As the proud owner of the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner, I can confidently state that this product has been a game changer for me in terms of keeping my car clean over the past year.Despite frequent use, the vacuum has performed admirably over time. The small size makes it easy to store in my trunk, and the included carry bag is still in good condition. The attachments, which include a brush nozzle, flathead, and extendable nozzle, have proven to be extremely useful in getting into tight spaces and thoroughly cleaning the upholstery in my car.Even after a year of use, the 106w motor’s suction power remains impressive. The washable HEPA filter has performed admirably and continues to trap dust and other particles. I especially like that the vacuum is designed to use a car’s 12V auxiliary outlet, so I never have to worry about my battery dying when I need to do a quick clean.While the vacuum isn’t perfect and struggles with larger debris, I think it does an excellent job overall. It has become an indispensable part of my car maintenance routine, and I can’t imagine not having it.Overall, I strongly recommend the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner to anyone looking for a dependable and efficient way to keep their vehicle clean.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  42. Lydia Martinez

    Yes x3

    I was so skeptical at the time i opened it n saw such a small suction. But i used it in my car where my dog always rides shot gun. N the car is full of fur. I vacuumed the seat the floor the dash the console the door. HECK I VACUUMED THE DOG. i wanted to see how good it was. It vacuumed his loose hair right off. I had a cup full of his fur.The reviews were right down side was the brush. Not that it didnt work but u want ant extra one or a bigger one. I didnt even use the exta accesseries. But i was just amazed on how much fur it picked up. N i keep it in my car still plugged in so when ever im driving n im at a red light i vacuum myself the fur thats on me. I look pretty silly at the red light. But its getting att the fur.

    A 50 personas les resultó útil

  43. Starr James

    Car Vacuum

    The vacuum is really good quality. It suctions very well and heavy duty. I just wish the vacuum would have a little more suction. I had to go over each part over and over a few times to get up most of the dirt and anything else that was on the floor. But still a good quality vacuum and good for the price.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  44. Ohukno

    Good device with some flaws

    I wish I would’ve taken a before and after picture! You’ll just have to take my word for it. So initially I was skeptical of this vacuum because of its small size. I noticed there were TONS of reviews though, mostly decent, so I decided to pull the trigger on it. I have a messy toddler and am about to have my second baby, so the idea of being able to plug it in right in my car and do some cleaning, was really appealing. I also really like the idea of having different attachments for cleaning nooks and crannies. I decided the other night to get it out and give it a shot and I’ll say, initially I wasn’t overly impressed. I plugged it in and turned it on (yes, with my vehicle running) and thought, “wow, that’s it?” But when u started vacuuming with it I was actually pretty impressed. So NO, you’re not going to get industrial vacuum-quality with this device. However, like I said, if you want to be able to take your time at your own house and so some car cleaning, this device is great. It actually did a pretty good job of cleaning my carpets and giving my car a refresh. I loved that the attachments helped me get into spaces I’d never have access to with the vacuum at the car wash. So between the counsel and the seats, etc. The hose in my opinion is shaped oddly and doesn’t work too well, but I loved the brush and the straight attachments. The hose plugs in one way to the vacuum and then faces a different direction at the end, so it’s pretty uncomfortable trying to straighten it out to fish it down into a nook. Not bad, though. Just personally won’t be using that attachment as much. I like that it includes a brush for the filter and an extra filter. What I did find annoying was that the suction power was lacking if even the smallest amount of dirt and hair stuck to the filter. So I felt as though I was constantly emptying the dust cup even when I should’ve been able to fill it up more. Lot of dirt and particles like to stick right around the tip where it sucks, right in the crack between the opening and the outer plastic. So that was annoying, but holding it facing up and giving it a few good taps sent the dust down with the rest of it by the filter which was good. I did notice that when you open it and take the filter out to dump the dust, the rubber ring on the filter gets dusty and makes it difficult to seat it back into place within the plastic so you can click that back onto the actual vacuum. So tinkering with that was pretty annoying trying to get it to seat correctly so I could get back to vacuuming. It took me quite a while to complete but my car also hadn’t been vacuumed in a while. All in all, I would say this is a really good but also flawed device that is nice to have if you don’t like having to go to the car wash to clean out your car, or you have small and messy children like I do and want to be able to clean up after them in a pinch and at home. This device as I mentioned earlier is also quite good for the nooks and crannies the car wash vacuum heads simply cannot reach. However if you’re expecting professional detailer-quality results, you’ll likely be disappointed. This vacuum does have pretty good suction power but some stuff that is almost weaved into the carpet fibers still remains. It is not perfect, and i would say it’s not quite as professional quality as the claims state on the box. It also claims you can clean wet messes with it, however I have not tried that as of yet and am not sure I’d be comfortable testing that. So, all in all, if you’re looking for what i described, you should definitely get this product. However if you’re looking for something more professional grade, you may want to look into something a lot more powerful. I am happy with the value of it, and hope to get a lot of use from it.

    A 324 personas les resultó útil

  45. Nicole N.

    Great for quick clean ups

    This little vacuum is better than I expected it to be. It has a long cord so you don’t have to worry about reaching the entire car. The suction could be better but I am using this in between deep car cleans and for quick mess clean up from the kids. I would recommend for anyone that lives at the beach or has small kids.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  46. Jacquelyn B.

    nice accessories for a car, but I prefer a more general dust buster

    This is a cute and moderately effective vacuum with a lot of pluses for cleaning a car: the storage bag is great, the included accessories are ideal for reaching between seats, the suction is strong enough to get the one cashew your kid has somehow wedged into a cranny. It’s easy enough to clean out after use, up to and including changing the filter. And it’s small enough to travel in the car full time without sacrificing much cargo space.The downside of a car specific vacuum is that it is specific to cars. This is designed to plug into a car outlet, so you can’t easily clean a spill on the couch if all you can find is your car vacuum. This one is a bit small for cleaning the floor of the car, and the size somewhat limits the suction.

    A 43 personas les resultó útil

  47. AndoD

    Great Product!!!

    I rarely give out a 5 star to any product. This product perhaps deserves a one! Yet I feel every product has room for improvement! The suction power is excellent. Note this product is not for really deep cleaning, it’s simply to small for such work. It cleans very well for its size. The various attachments work wonderfully. The cord length could be slightly longer for use in SUV’s & large vehicles. The storage bag is a little small making it a bit difficult to pack everything in.It is overall a great product. I recommend this product!!!

    A 9 personas les resultó útil

  48. Liz Curruchich

    Works great with powerful suction!

    The vacuum worked great! Husband and I took a long road trip with a very messy toddler, the vacuum picked up all sorts of crumbs, hair and even road salt! The cord reaches all the way from the front to the back in my midsize SUV with extra length to spare. The only downside of this product is the vacuum needs to be plugged in the entire time in use in the car charging outlet, if I were to buy the product again I would spend the extra money to buy the rechargeable version or the one that has the normal outlet but that is only for the convenience and because I would love to be able to use it inside as well for hard to reach and small areas like the kitchen drawers and things. Overall recommend!

    A 30 personas les resultó útil

  49. Matt Yank

    Good while it lasted.

    I bought this in Jan 2020. It’s March 2023 and it finally died on me. It was good while it lasted!

  50. Brenda S

    Looks like described

    When I first used it, it worked good second anthill it gradually losing suction strength. Other then that it’s nice for the money wish suction was stronger.

  51. Zachary

    Works well

    Good cleaner for price sucks pretty good very useful

    A una persona le resultó útil

  52. Hoomanity

    Great little vacuum though not as powerful as I’d like it to be

    It does the job. It picks up big pieces. But unfortunately it’s not good for deep cleaning an not as powerful as other handheld vacuum cleaners.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  53. Kiara Cordero

    Very practical

    If you have kids get this!! It’s totally worth it. I have a toddler that is constantly eating snacks in my car and this has been a lifesaver. Specially for the car seat. Great buy and cable is SUPER long!!!One thing I do jot like is that it needs to be plugged only to the car lighter and I need to start my car in order to be able to use it. Other than that perfect!

  54. Kiah Alvarez

    Beautiful but not that strong

    the packaging was amazing, the suction on the vacuum itself however isn’t the absolute greatest. It did pick up all the slightly bigger pieces of debris like little sticks and some grass but anything smaller than my pinky nail wouldn’t get sucked through.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  55. Roxy SanchezRoxy Sanchez

    Very impressed

    I am very impressed with this vacuum. I love that it comes with the different tools. It definitely helped getting into the smaller areas. Very good for a quick clean up. I would recommend it.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  56. Mel

    Arrived in good condition and is surprisingly strong

    Has the attachments I need and has good suction strengths. Powercord is long so can reach all around my car. Good purchase

  57. hillary thee sanchez

    Works great

    This has been a great addition to the car, especially with kids. The suction is not as strong as a regular vacuum, but o have not really had a problem with that. It helps keep a car clean without having to go to a car wash.

  58. Kirsten

    Great for the car

    As a mom with a toddler this might be the greatest addition to my vehicle. Great suction power, easy to clean out, and attachments are fabulous.

  59. Amanda Brunk

    This little car vac works great!

    I used this to clean out my messy car today and it works great. After a move and my teenager my car was a mess, let’s just say this little vac was pretty full. I previously bought a cordless vac and the suction on it was not very good at all. This vac has good suction and all the attachments are very helpful.

  60. Lou

    Suction isn’t what you get at the coin operated vendors.

    It works better than the commercial vacuums because it can reach in all the little spots that are usually are missed. This is a nice detail kit but is lack luster in the suction power leaving me taking off a star. Also I believe I could get this for less money somewhere else.

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