Procesador de pedal MG-100 con variedad de efectos profesional

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Sobre este artículo Módulos de 8 efectos: nuestro MG-100 ofrece todos los efectos de guitarra, incluyendo una variedad de distorsión, compresión, modulación, retraso, reverberación, amplificador y modelos de gabinete. Cada módulo tiene varios efectos, cubriendo 58 efectos en total; se pueden utilizar hasta 8 efectos simultáneamente. Modelos clásicos de gabinete de 13 amperios y 11 altavoces: tiene 13 modelos clásicos de amplificador de guitarra de alta calidad y 11 armarios de altavoces con verdadera simulación de tecnología de circuito analógico (TSAC). Modelado de ecualizador pasivo vintage de 3 bandas para cada modelo AMP. Y ecualizador gráfico de 6 bandas diseñado específicamente para guitarra eléctrica. (120 Hz, 250 Hz, 750 Hz, 1,6 kHz, 3,2 kHz, 6,4 kHz) 【56 ritmos de tambor y 40 segundos】: 56 patrones de ritmo de tambor integrados que se pueden utilizar junto con la función Looper de 40 segundos que te permite atascarte con capas de sobredoblado ilimitadas e innumerables horas. 72 preajustes: un total de 72 preajustes, incluyendo 36 fábricas y 36 preajustes de usuario que pueden proporcionar múltiples opciones de sonido para principiantes. Puedes guardar cualquier tono preferido simplemente pulsando el botón Guardar. Pantalla LCD a color grande: panel de color TFT LCD de alta calidad integrado (160 x 128), mucho más allá de cualquier homólogo en el mismo rango de precios. Funciona con 6 pilas alcalinas AA o adaptador de CA (ACD-007A) para 8 horas de uso continuo.

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Guitar Effect Pedal


Información de producto

Peso del producto 1.54 pounds Dimensiones del producto 9.85 x 9.85 x 3.15 pulgadas ASIN B01M09CZWO Número de modelo del producto 4334435114 Pilas 1 9V necesaria(s), incluida(s) Opinión media de los clientes


Nombre del color MG100

Formato de señal Analógico

Tipo de material Plástico avanzado.

Estilo musical Roca

Tamaño M

Dureza del mazo Duro

Fuente de energía Eléctrico

Voltaje 230 Voltios

Sobre este artículo Módulos de 8 efectos: nuestro MG-100 ofrece todos los efectos de guitarra, incluyendo una variedad de distorsión, compresión, modulación, retraso, reverberación, amplificador y modelos de gabinete. Cada módulo tiene varios efectos, cubriendo 58 efectos en total; se pueden utilizar hasta 8 efectos simultáneamente. Modelos clásicos de gabinete de 13 amperios y 11 altavoces: tiene 13 modelos clásicos de amplificador de guitarra de alta calidad y 11 armarios de altavoces con verdadera simulación de tecnología de circuito analógico (TSAC). Modelado de ecualizador pasivo vintage de 3 bandas para cada modelo AMP. Y ecualizador gráfico de 6 bandas diseñado específicamente para guitarra eléctrica. (120 Hz, 250 Hz, 750 Hz, 1,6 kHz, 3,2 kHz, 6,4 kHz) 【56 ritmos de tambor y 40 segundos】: 56 patrones de ritmo de tambor integrados que se pueden utilizar junto con la función Looper de 40 segundos que te permite atascarte con capas de sobredoblado ilimitadas e innumerables horas. 72 preajustes: un total de 72 preajustes, incluyendo 36 fábricas y 36 preajustes de usuario que pueden proporcionar múltiples opciones de sonido para principiantes. Puedes guardar cualquier tono preferido simplemente pulsando el botón Guardar. Pantalla LCD a color grande: panel de color TFT LCD de alta calidad integrado (160 x 128), mucho más allá de cualquier homólogo en el mismo rango de precios. Funciona con 6 pilas alcalinas AA o adaptador de CA (ACD-007A) para 8 horas de uso continuo.














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Peso 2 lbs
Dimensiones 9.85 × 9.85 × 3.15 in


Peso del producto

1.54 pounds

Dimensiones del producto

9.85 x 9.85 x 3.15 pulgadas



Número de modelo del producto



1 9V necesaria(s), incluida(s)

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4.3 de 5 estrellas

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Septiembre 26, 2016

Nombre del color


Formato de señal


Tipo de material

Plástico avanzado.

Estilo musical




Dureza del mazo


Fuente de energía



230 Voltios

60 valoraciones en Procesador de pedal MG-100 con variedad de efectos profesional

  1. Amazon Customer

    Only two things you have to know

    Only two things you have to know: 1) In order to use a headphone, it’s best to use an external headphone amplifier ( such as this one Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Portable Headphone Amp 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input Out (Headphone Amp) I doesn’t retain the last setting used when power is cycledThis is a wonderful little multi-effect unit – highly recommended!

  2. B

    Pedals Pedals Pedals

    I have been playing since 7th grade, numerous guitars, effects, pedals, and equipment. A group of folks gave me a gift card to Amazon, so I thought, I’ll give it a try. In short, I love it, probably not recommended for beginners, as learning how to properly setup up digital pedal chains is not a walk in the park, especially if you are modeling for specific songs. That being said even a beginner can have a ton of fun with this unit.

  3. Tommy B.

    Nice sounds

    Really nice sounds

  4. Alex

    Great pedal. Worth the money and more

    So dank. My only qualm is that when you loop too many things it can go a little static-y.. not like a few guitars and basses. But I mean drums too.. if you go ham on the loops you may get static, lol. Otherwise, great sounds. Super nice. My first pedal and I daresay, I need not more.. as this one is most useful. And as for busking, which I intend to do, you may loop with it as you throw batteries into it- the input port serves as an on switch. That I had to learn for myself.Have fun! Distortions sound great. Reverbs too. And delays! Plenty of customizability!

  5. CosmicGuy

    Truth In Advertising.

    This device does what it says it will do before you buy it. I can not give you anything negative. For the price (very affordable) the versatility is abundant but for the beginner – you ARE going to sound better than you ever did.Kudos to Truth In Advertising.CosmicGuyOSTO TV on ROKU TVmusic production



    So this is the first peddle I’ve ever had or played with and wasn’t sure if I’d like it much so having multiple sounds in a single unit to try out is great. it’s pretty awesome man because you could spend the same on a single peddle but… with that said i would think that those singles are more expensive peddles and are probably much higher quality, but for chillin’ & jammin’ at home it is perfect i probably wouldn’t use it for a gig ya know anyway that’s just my $0.02 –

  7. S. Fox

    I wish I had something like this when I was a young guitar player

    I wish I had something like this when I was a young guitar player. My grandson is teaching himself to play guitar and he really likes to experiment with different sounds and effects. This does that and more and allows alot of creativity, perfect for how he wants to use it. After he opened the box he immediately set it up and started exploring the possibilities. He was thrilled that it includes drum kit sounds and that everything can be customized. It does alot for the price and is well worth the joy it brought to him.

    A 14 personas les resultó útil

  8. Gregory Peters

    Awesome pedal

    It is an amazing processor pedal. The sounds that come out of it are crazy! Plus, it will record you playing a 30 second loop AND give you a deum beat. ALL of it is adjustable. Make and save changes with ease. Great pedal and price was totally acceptable

  9. William

    Great sounding machine!

    So far it’s been an awesome little machine! Sounds great and there are so many things you can do with it. My only complaints are that the loop function is not seamless, and the instructions are a bit short and not detailed enough for a newbie. I wanted to do some solos that are longer than 40 seconds but it wont work. I wish it could seamlessly loop, but what are you gonna do? There are a couple you-tube videos but not many good tutorials.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  10. Regular Guy

    Beginners Multi Effects Pedal.

    The Good:ConstructionQuality PlasticVery easy controls and adjustmentsExpression pedalComes with a USA power adapterRuns on batteriesFeels like quality switchesGood for the beginner or intermediate for practicingThe Bad:The tones are good (cleans) to average (blues) to poor (crunch) sounding . I was not able to make some sounds better by using adjustments.The drum tones are good for practicing but not for putting in a song or for stage as they are too sterile. If you want to keep a beat or practice your speed riffs to a 180BPM beat, this will work for you.No USB port to be able to upgrade firmware or apply patches. The firmware seems mature so you are just missing the ability to update or save patches to your PC. The price may be too expensive for the beginner compared to similar units as there is a lot of competition on the market in the $69 range

    A 15 personas les resultó útil

  11. Phillip

    Honestly only bought this because the Zoom1x was out of stock, but this is amazing

    This multi effect pedal is pretty great. Has a lot of pre-set sounds and you can tune them all separately and save profiles as well. It even has decent drum tracks to play over which is awesome and you can change the tempo at any time. Really great for learning songs or trying to solo on your own. I mostly bought this for the looping function, which takes some getting used too in general since I usually start and end poorly which causes the loop to be messed up, but that’s just user error. This thing rocks for $100, especially if you’re just getting started, or one of those “bedroom” guitarist.

    A 14 personas les resultó útil

  12. Daniel

    Changed the way I play

    this thing really helped to break me out of my playing rutt, I was playing the same riffs and styles for a while now and this pedal helped to change up the way and what I was playing. With the looper function I can finally play rhythm and lead at the same time. It has quite a few tones, effects, mods, and delay and reverb settings to choose from. I would say if you have the extra cash, get it.

  13. Jackds

    Nice drum beats

    This effects pedal it’s really great. It has a lot of different sounds that you can program yourself. What I like most about it is that it has drum beats that act like a backing track. You’re able to change the tempo and the sound of the drum beat to be able to improv or play a song using the drum beat backing track. I highly recommend this effects pedal to everyone…

  14. Ronald Galpin

    Good price great sounds

    So far I like it especially for the price. I will make some good guitar tracks with it. I jumped right in so I rated it a little low for now due to the fact I have to read the manual for looping and such but the different sounds are great. I will update when I’m more educated with it.

  15. Steven W. Bell

    Excellent Owner’s Manual

    Have spent very little time with the unit, but sound quality is very good. It is small and lightly built, so durability is a question. The manual is almost worth the price of the box itself. Most guitarists will probably do very little programming but the explanations of the effects is simple and sufficient. More flexibility and power than most can use. Will report later with more experience.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  16. BandSolo

    Very good product and incredible value.

    I really like the MG100 effects pedal. I used it last week after I received it in the mail and tested it. Not the simplest to use, but simpler than any of the other multi-effects pedals I’ve owned. Each one of the presets has great sound and tweakability on the fly. I like that. Still, I’m going to need to use it a few more times before I can get really comfortable with it. In the meantime, I’m taking it with me tonight on another gig. I don’t anticipate being disappointed at all.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Looper is loopy.

    Sounds good but a little fat when distorted but missing mids and not enough frequency control. The looper goes nuts and is useless when it has gone bonkers.

  18. samantha

    Great product

    My step son just turned 12 we got him this for his birthday. He has been having a blast with it! Seems to be good quality nice sound. Has a lot of different functions he’s had it for a few months now and is still experimenting and engaged 100% worth it. Help make guitar practice fun again. Easy enough to use that my not technically inclined son can figure it out.

  19. Sean Hunter

    Meeting Expectations

    I purchased the MG-100 Professional Multi-Effects Pedal Processor for my violin and it is superb, it far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy to invest in this product, it more than worth the price. At first when I read the reviews and saw a comment that it felt like a toy I was discouraged but the specs were more than enough to give it a try. When I received the product, one of the first things I checked was the weight but it is great, it doesn’t feel like a toy. My electric violin has come alive, and it works not only with guitars.

    A 56 personas les resultó útil

  20. JM

    Why no on off switch?

    So this processor is kick azz but why wouldn’t the company install a simple on/off switch? Other then that one gripe this thing rocks. Get it, you will not be disappointed .

  21. Mark Hemme

    Lots of Options, Can’t Use Any of Them

    I got this because I did not have any pedals and thought this was a great way to learn and play around. Note: I am a beginning guitar player but do have experience mixing music and as a DJ. There are some features I really like. Multiple Amp sounds and multiple effects pre-mixed like Texas Blues. It has 30 presets and 30 user slots to save configurations. The idea is phenomenal. It’s completely unusable for two reasons. One, it does not have a pass through that is functional. You can’t just step on the pedal and go from clean to the desired sounds. Additionally you have to cycle through the presets in at a time. There is no direct path or way to lock on to specific presets. You get all 30 all the time. The second issue is that when you switch to a preset, you have to adjust the knob to get the true position. Let’s say I switch to overdrive. The digital display might show the gain at 3 o’clock but the actual knob is at 10 o’clock. It sounds like trash. If I nudge the gain it snaps to the true position and then sounds correct. This occurs for all three knobs in every effect.Prest the sound like you want, save, step in the pedal, not the sound you saved. I also had trouble getting the effects to adjust to the sound I wanted, but that is on me. I’m new and my equipment is mediocre at best. Bottom line, no shortcuts, buy one pedal at a time so you have control and consistency.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  22. Dan the Band Dad

    very easy to use and set up the way you want.

    I have a couple of the lower end Multi or modeling pedals and this is by far the easiest to use. You don’t have to scroll through 50 different positions or deal with strange abbreviations. It is just really straight forward to set up the sound you want. I have a teen ager who has a band, yes, they play at my house and I am the sound guy, Roady, can you fix this and drives all the gear around so……. This works for them and they get to mess around with different sounds before they go spend their money on flangers, overdrives ect, so far it’s standing up to the teen test. I do wish it had a usb port for upgrades and tracks. Looping with the drum track can be a bit troublesome and adding in to0 many effect and the tone can get a bit flat but remember this is not a 500$ multi pedal.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  23. Bruce MacFarland

    Very versatile – perhaps too much so.

    This is a versatile product. There are many sounds you can get from it. Unfortunately I’m not very technical when it comes to electronic devices. I can however use it for my needs, but I imagine there are many more things one could do with this device. My point being, if you have the aptitude to use this to its full potential, fantastic. If you just want reverb or some distortion perhaps a single pedal would be the answer.

  24. D

    An absolute must, adds FUN

    I am not a “musician”I hack around on my guitar, use tabs and watch some youtube lesson.This pedal added to your beginner setup will totally raise the fun factor and gets you lots of sounds, efx, drums and loop pedal. I cannot compare it to the real amps it models or the individual pedals. But i can say its fun and well worth its very reasonable price. Will i eventually outgrow it and maybe want one of the amps it models or a better loop pedal??? I hope so, cuz that means this pedal inspired me to become better.

  25. Mr.G

    Good pedal. Simple and versatile.

    2021 version – Works great on bass and guitar. Decent drums and the fx are amazing! Extremely easy to program. Worth every penny!Cons:The tuner on bass does not work on b, e, or a.It is a little flimsy but nothing has broken.No off switch is common but annoying.

  26. Raghu Rajan

    Always wanted this!

    I’m an intermediate guitar player and I have always thought of buying multi effects pedal for my electric guitar. I went ahead with this product and I was so happy with what I got. First of all it is really easy to connect to your guitar and amplifier. It has so many great effects, and switching these effects are really easily accessible with the buttons on this pedal. There are two buttons, one to go to the previous effect and one to go to next effect. The sound quality for each of these effects are great and you will enjoy playing with it. Additionally, I was even more excited and happy with the inbuilt drum samples it gives. There are multiple genre of drum sets including metal and country. So, you could be like your one man band with the drums going and guitar playing. I would definitely recommend this to all.

    A 31 personas les resultó útil

  27. Lee

    Expression pedal faulty

    While I’m a fan of NUX products, this pedal is the first to disappoint. And it did so in an embarrassing way at a show. When it came I tested it out in my studio, the manual made it easy to learn the ropes, and sounded great, saved all kinds of presets. A week later at it’s first show of use, the expression pedal couldn’t seem to decide what to do. Seemed to have a mind of it’s own and arbitrarily decided to either just be on or off. I changed the batteries in it and my guitar, checked the cables, made no difference. I gave up, and just lined my guitar straight to the amp for the rest of the show. Tried to trouble-shoot back home the next day, but no luck – same problem. I’m sure I could have just asked for a replacement, but in my experience, every time I get a faulty pedal replaced, the replacement eventually malfunctions like the previous one. So I just opted for the refund.

  28. Jeremy Barton

    Totally EXCEEDS the amazing price!!

    Love everything about this pedal!! 3 stars for the “ease of use” only because, if you’re a novice to the equipment, it would take quite a bit of time learning the setup of ALL the amazing features.

  29. Quaddity

    Wow for the money this thing is great

    I’ve been playing around with this for a few days now. Very easy to understand and use. The color tft screen may not seem like much but it conveys a lot of info with a clean ui. I have it plugged into a B52 AT212 tube amp using the clean channel with little gain. There’s a lot of different amp models from very clean to super gain. The drum machine has a lot of variety and overdub lets you switch amps and effects per overdub. Several Wah types, I like the pedal can be assigned to various effects other than just a wah (rotary speaker speed for example) and when you turn the effect off the pedal is a volume pedal. Nice interface for selecting all the pedals you want in the chain.

    A 15 personas les resultó útil

  30. Cedric clayCedric clay

    Good packaging is essential

    Good packaging is essential!Package shipped timely. Its smaller than all the photos which for me is great! My setup is all desktop devices and room and placement is important.Very intuitive product! As a matter of fact I did not even have to look at the manual to set it up! all ports are clearly marked. I have already setup and saved my first preset. The pedal is kinda loose with no real weight but I think i can tighten the bolt on the side should I even need to use the Wah effect the pedal provides.. I don’t think this unit would be good for stage stomping or anything rugged, its just not built for it. A true beginners device, but a strong engine that will support some professional needs. I was able to record with it in Studio One with no issues so this steps my game up tremendously. At the price I paid I highly recommend this product. Five Stars!!! Check out the Pics…

    A 45 personas les resultó útil

  31. Mihan Josephson

    Initially skeptical, but now impressed

    I was hesitant to buy an “off brand” pedal at first, having bought Digitech and Zoom combo pedals in the past. I tried out 2 different name brands before taking a chance on this one. I play guitar in a 3 piece combo, and in my opinion, this MG-100 sounds great. It’s got everything I need to cut thru and keep up with the bass man and drummer: crisp yet warm mids for rhythm, enough power/distortion for your solos, funky-sounding auto-wahs and phasers. You can tweak them as you like with bunches of different cabinet sounds, dial in crazy amounts of reverb, etc (too much to describe here). I gave it a 4 on “easy to learn” because there is a little curve to navigating between screens, etc. Oh! and there’s are some great drum patterns as well as looping, if you record in a home studio.

  32. Mr. B.M.C

    Wow. This thing is worth the money.

    A little tricky to learn. But once you do. Man is it so fun to play with. Distortion is a little agressive so you’ll have to adjust unless you have an amp that can handle it. I blew out 2. Lol. Not concert worthy, but for at home or studio to write some bars!! Absolutely worth every penny. Oh, and the tuner on this things is spot on.Get one, have fun. I did. Still playing with it.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  33. Rob


    Cool little multi-effects pedal. I bought this to use at smaller gigs instead of hauling around my normal analog pedalboard. Takes some tinkering to get it set up the way you want it, but it’s pretty straight forward. Effects are surprisingly pretty good and I was genuinely impressed. Some of the effects, especially the compressor, don’t have all the variables that I would like to adjust, but for the most part it get’s the job done. You have to take the time to set up your own presets though, because the stock presets are all absolute garbage. Just delete them and make your own. If you don’t know how to build a pedalboard (i.e. which pedals should go where in the signal chain), you will have a difficult time getting any kind of decent sound out of this thing.The drum machine sucks, but could be useful for practicing I guess. The loop function is cool, but limited. The thing cost $99, what did you expect? lolMy biggest complaint is that you can’t just turn the effects on or off. You have to scroll through the presets you’ve made to get where you want, so for instance if your clean preset is slot 1, but you’re using a compressor/drive preset that you stored on slot 3, you have to press the down pedal twice to get back to your clean channel. I managed to work around this by setting every other channel to the exact same clean settings so no matter which pedal I press, it will essentially turn the effects off. I just have to remember which one I pressed and make sure I press the other one to turn it back on. This would probably be better solved with some kind of ABY pedal, but I’m not that committed to using this $99 effects pedal to start throwing more money at solving it’s shortcomings.EDIT: I did end up buying an ABY pedal so I can bypass the effects when they aren’t needed. This makes it easy to set up presets for specific songs and I can just scroll through them as the gig progresses. The songs where it is not needed, I just hit the bypass and run my signal through a tube screamer then straight to my amp as this is my default setup which I know and love. If for some reason I screw up a preset and things come out all wonky, at least in this situation I can fall back on a sound that I’m familiar with and have something that I know I can work with in any situation. Since adopting this setup, I’ve been using this pedal more and more and I gotta say that it works extremely well for what it costs. It also runs on my 9v power rail with no issues so it has found a spot on my pedalboard even at larger gigs for some of the effects it offers that I don’t have an analog version of.Long story short, it’s well worth the money, but it will take a LOT of tinkering and tweaking to get the sounds you want from it. I don’t use any of the amp modeling features, so I cannot comment on their quality, but that may be useful for those wishing to run this in a home studio type setup. Take the time to set it up right, and this can be a very powerful little Multi-FX processor.

    A 26 personas les resultó útil

  34. JoeJoe

    Good metal pedal

    I like weirder sounding presets. Trying to sound more like Hackett than Hetfield. This pedal has limited “weird” settings but lots of presets that are heavier. Go on YouTube and check out Neutral Earth (full album) and it’ll show the sound I’m after. The drum machine is limited, I’ve used the ballad settings more than the others. Non- 4/4 time signatures are extremely limited. The few “weird” settings are kind of weak (space station). I worked for NASA for my entire career, space station was a let down. I recorded a pretty cool 70s sounding song using glam rock setting, so it’s not totally void of merit. That said some good metal presets for sure. The picture shows the Flamma FX100 & Mooer PE100. Both are more well suited to weirdness if that is your aim.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil


    nice processor for the price

    very easy to use i love the harmonizer affect reminds me of yes owner of a lonely heart sound they used the same affect i thank its modeled after a boss harmonizer it sound the same its c or d on the bank setting just scroll threw the pedal my only beef is when you press on the buttons it doesnt scroll threw quick you have to keep mashing the button. they shoulda made it where u mash it keeps going till you get it where you want it then let go and it stops t. the expression pedal is good they coulda gave it a little more play like raising it higher it doesn’t go up to high but for the money it has some awesome affects they coulda made more buttons on processor to assign more affects to the bank you can add a few but that woulda made it easier then going threw each individual pedal i believe you can only assign 4 affects to each bank for the size and the quality it is pretty tough ad long as you don’t go throwing it or something stupid like stomping on it to hard those are my only beefs about it but the affects built in are pretty darn good there as good as any boss pedal i heard it kinda looks like they were going for zoom pedal copy almost but for what it offers in a compact processor size its nice and it fits on my pedalboard nicely and pairs with the rest of my pedals.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  36. W. D. Lockhart

    Simple to use , good quality, huge range of tones, loops, drumbeats etc. Fun!

    HOBBY player: compact, well made, easy to learn use

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  37. Mario Esparza

    Lots of choices

    I had already bought this item once. This second time works justvas well and still love it

  38. Mojambo

    Versatile, But Not Epic

    I bought this hoping to replace a regular pedal board for live gigs. I especially wanted to be rid of my big, clunky volume pedal that I used to have at the end of my pedal chain. I’ve now used it at a couple live shows and all I can say is, “Eh, it’s OK.”Fortunately, “OK” is good enough for me. I’m a mediocre guitar player (mostly I’m on keyboards) and my sound-crafting needs are minimal. After toying around with this pedal at home for a couple hours, I managed to dial in a nice crunch tone, some heavy distortion, a little funky wah sound, and a good Fender Twin clean tone. That’s pretty much all I need for my band’s live shows.First off, it’s pretty easy to program. I’m not a “techie” kind of guy, but I was able to figure it out fast and without the manual. There are a few tricky bits, but nothing that slowed me down much.The sounds themselves are not … bad … but they’re not great, either. This is nothing you’d want to take into the recording studio. It seems to be a little noisy, there are goofy little artifacts going on at odd intervals, and most of the effects and amp models sound kind of brittle (picture a Line 6 setup). That said, most of those little downsides get lost in the overall band mix.So, it’s good enough to use for practice or live shows with a full band. And I have to admit, it’s nice not to have to transport and string all those pedals together every gig. And again, for the price, this pedal is capable of covering a lot of sonic territory.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  39. M.

    Exceptionally Mediocre – Limited Fun

    If you’re desperate for a multi-effects processor that includes an expression pedal, actual knobs and lots of features then the NUX MG-100 will do the trick. The standout feature is, of course, the brightly lit LCD color screen. Despite its small size and low resolution it provides a lot of information at a glance, making it easy to edit, create and choose effects or tune your guitar. The four knobs make adjusting individual effects or master volume simple unlike tiny buttons on similarly priced units. Unfortunately all of these features come at a cost. In order to keep the price down they cut a lot of corners which severely reduce the usefulness of this product.Build quality is very bad. The unit is made of extremely cheap, soft plastic. The knobs feel loose and flimsy, the control push buttons and foot switches are mushy and the expression pedal has very little throw with no “weight” to it. Overall this feels like a $10 piece of plastic. If you never move it, and only ever use it at home, very gently, then it may last a while. This unit would not last a few hours at practice sessions, jams or gigs. Of course, I highly doubt anybody would jam or gig with this because the sound quality simply isn’t remotely good enough.For a beginner who wants to make some noise, have fun experimenting with tons of pedals but just can’t afford them this might be fun for a while. You’ll get a wide range of cabinets, amps, and effects pedals. In a bedroom this will sound halfway decent but it has a decidedly “digital” sound. Many of the effects have very limited range, sound too similar, don’t accurately replicate the real pedals or simply sound bland. Wannabe grunge, rock, and metal guitarists will be sorely disappointed at the very, very limited and weak sounding options for distortion. Clean effects, reverbs, delays, chorus and echo have a distinctly digital sound to them, many with a noticeable “auto tune” feel that can’t be escaped.It should be noted that this pedal also lacks a USB connector. This means that presets can’t be loaded or saved, there will never be any firmware updates and you can’t record directly to a computer. This is common for many low-end digital multi-effects pedals but it seems more noteworthy here because of the attempt to present a premium “look and feel” with this unit. This looks like a unit that ought to have USB functionality.With time and a lot of tweaking you can chain several pedals, cabs, and amps and adjust the EQ to get some slightly better sound but it is still lacking. The included manual is only marginally helpful but not especially well written. It lacks examples to teach new users how to effectively chain effects or build new effects. The NUX website is also disappointing with absolutely no helpful information or forums for users who wish to share information about building effects or making presets. If I were NUX I might also want to avoid giving users the chance to publicly share their disappointment with others. I doubt many people would have good things to say.There’s a reason this pedal is so cheap despite having a bit of everything. Absolutely everything about it is low quality. There is no doubt that it’s a cool toy initially but that coolness fades quickly and the reality of its limitations sets in. If you’re on a budget and you absolutely need an expression pedal, color screen and hundreds of features then this is probably your only choice. It’s my opinion that virtually anyone would be better served by getting a used Digitech or Zoom pedal. The color screen and other bells and whistles on the NUX MG-100 do not justify the lack of sound quality or the extremely cheap build quality.It looks nice, feels cheap, sounds cheap and has

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    A win win purchase

    I have a squire $189 guitar and it sounds like a pro. So I recommend this product.The plus: Battery operated • it has auxiliary jack which you can connect to a Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary jack • you can connect your smartphones and play together with the songs • it’s good for a street performersThe minus: the effect doesn’t sound equally loud but not much of a big dealOverall: It’s a good deal

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  41. Kreuznacher

    Don’t like volume between effects, Power off doesn’t work, just ehhhh

    Switching between The first and second effect is a HUGE volume difference. First effect is “1A Ultra Clean” and sounds good, then going to next “1B Classic Rock”it just blasts my ears off. I realize that Classic Rock sound may be a bit louder than and Ultra Clean, but OMG, this difference is HUGE!There is probably a way to turn this down in settings, but it’s not obvious and I haven’t dug into the manual yet to figure it out.Volume pedal isn’t great, not very precise.No clear power button, I was told that it powers off when the cable is removed, but this isn’t true. I had asked the seller multiple times if I had a defective unit and never got a straight answer.If I didn’t let so much time pass, I would have returned this. Perhaps that is why they kept giving me “non-answers” to my question. My fault for not pulling the plug sooner.To end on a positive note, when I turn down the sound it sounds pretty good, and there are a lot of effects.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  42. Amazon Customer

    Hubby is happy

    My husband was very pleased with this item.

  43. Aaron F.

    Good multi effects pedal for someone on a budget

    Good multi effects pedal for the price, easy to use and the expression pedal is very useful.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  44. DM

    Great effects processor!

    I’m having a lot of fun with this effects processor. It takes some time getting used to, but once you learn to change and edit the preloaded effects, it really starts rocking!

  45. Dr.T.

    Most bang for your buck.

    Ok yeah you dont get the warmth of a tube multi processor like the old sgx 2000 but you get well worth your money with this one. Its compact and incredibly easy to program. Quite a few presets that i personally like. And quite a few ive changed and adjusted. I would suggest a bit of research watch the videos and theres even more on youtube. For the money say for a teen just learning this one pedal takes you to a whole new level.

    A 15 personas les resultó útil

  46. robert richfield

    There is certainly an electronic flaw in this NU-X.

    The sound options are fun.But after only 10-15 minutes of continuous use, the system emits a static noise that can only be stopped by REMOVING the power cord, and re-powering the system.But having to re-power the device every 10-15 is a serious electronic design flaw.NU-X engineering staff, pay heed. Others have reported the same problem. It is real.Must return.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  47. James Dovorany

    Lots of power and versitility

    Love that you can chang the individual preset effect

  48. Xchnibs

    Another one bites the dust

    No se pudo cargar el archivo multimedia.

    It was good in the begining like so many electronic products I have purchased as of late. About 20 days after using it started doing odd fluctuations with volume. The pedal offers a useless amount of travel to gain any type of true ability to use from a traditional standpoint The screen is so small you can’t see what you’re doing and it’s ultra confusing to boot. If it wasn’t outside the return window I would return this do yourself a favor and get a modeling amp and pass on this as I’ve had nothing but issues since the second week or so almost to the point of it being useless.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  49. Kindle Customer

    The MG-100 is Fantastic

    The MG-100 peddle is fantastic! I am still getting acquainted with it but I am more than impressed. The three star rating “For Beginners” is not intended as a negative rating. I have been playing the guitar for many years and have gone through a few effects peddles. The MG-100 is a fantastic buy but there is a learning curve necessary to engage all that it has to offer.

    A 23 personas les resultó útil

  50. Gabrielle Sesto

    Not bad for practice

    My favorite feature is the drum machine as a practice tool. The looper function is fun to play around with but I only get the timing right half the time , so I’ll need one of those $89 dedicated looper pedals instead . I’m still happy with the purchase 🙂

  51. Frosti

    This is absurdly loaded with features and effects despite being dirt cheap.

    Seriously, I’m blown away by just how much this little setup can do. Does it sound excellent? Of course not, but why would you expect it to? But if you’re a beginner or a casual player or you’re looking for something cheap and portable to drag busking or for travel, you cannot go wrong, it sounds more than good enough. The customization/edit features are crazy, in some ways it exceeds what even my Peavy modeling amp can do. The unit feels well-built enough.So yeah, this thing is great. The presets are really good, the jam beats are nice (my only complaint would be that the jam beats need more time signature variety. Almost all are in 4/4 but a few 12/8, 6/8, 3/4, etc. options would be nice.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  52. Dominic N. Puleo

    You better read the book

    Can do tons of things just figuring it out is hard still haven’t heard the wah expression pedal stuck on volume I guess

  53. Kalikid30

    Not what I needed

    It was a lot. Just not practical for me. The sounds are mostly unusable. Too much flanger or phaser or reverb with wah etc. I found 3 usable distortions but they weren’t great. There’s a lot of crap you have to do with this to set it up with anything you want on it. Too much of a pain for me. I sent it back. Definitely not for live performances.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  54. Kathleen A. Britton

    A lot of great effects in a small unit.

    There is a bit of a learning curve and I am still working on it. This unit is a lot of fun and you can get some great sounds out of it for something that is relatively inexpensive. I do not think that it would satisfy a pro, as the effects are digital, but for anyone else it is great. I would definitely recommend the MG100 to any amateur looking to go to the next level with his guitar. This unit is money well spent.

  55. Will

    Take it from a real AMATEUR…..

    As I said am a rank amateur. I know next to nothing about guitars. I can play “Plush” by STP, and other easy songs, but I’m nowhere near ready to do anything serious. But I absolutely love them, and I have 2, and I try to play at least once a day…. UNTIL NOW.When I got this device, I had no idea what to expect; I have 3 pedals already (overdrive, vintage delay, wah), so I know how it sounds when you send the guitar through a distortion pedal, for instance. But what I got from THIS pedal blew me away! Distortion, delay, reverb, rich clear sounds already dialed in! Just plug and play! You don’t even need to turn on the amp to tune! I’m not saying that there’s not a learning curve; you may have a bit of trouble with the recording feature, but you learn things quickly-especially if you read the manual. But, if you love guitar, you have fun learning, because each thing you learn adds a new dimension to what this thing can do! The beat machine is handy and full of great beats for whatever musical interest you have. All in all, it’s easy to use, inexpensive, versatile and fun. I read a really bad review, obviously written by someone who wants far more out of whatever they have, no matter HOW good it already is; don’t listen to the whiny nay-sayers.If you’re thinking about getting one, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. GET IT. You won’t be disappointed.

    A 32 personas les resultó útil

  56. Jeff

    Don’t unplug it without putting batteries in it first. 😬

    It’s all fun and games until you unplug the power, move it to a different location, and plug it back in. All the settings you tweaked and tinkered with to get the sound you wanted – reset to factory.😔Maybe it’s just this one? Maybe I need to keep batteries in it to avoid losing the settings? I’ll have to read the manual more. At first I thought the expression pedal was soley for volume – you have to press the pedal down fully and give it a good nudge to engage the wah effect. Same to go back to volume. Reminds me of my digitech 350 – RIP.😔 I’d give it 5 stars if it remembered my adjustments in between powering up and unplugging.🤷

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  57. Steve Collins

    It works pretty good and it definitely helps with your practice sessions

    I like it a lot but I still haven’t learned how to use it completely the instructions are a little difficult you just have to take your time and take one step at a time. Sounds good though and great for tempo

  58. Danny Sarco

    This pedal board is punching way above it’s weight class.

    I’ve been looking for a multi-effects/amp sim in hardware form for a while. I’ve tried Helix HX Stomp, POD GO, and the new Zoom G6. I decided to give the GEM Box III a try because it’s looked like a tank. And let me tell you, it looks like a tank and sounds as good, if not better than other of the multi-effects I tried. All of these boards sound great and are built great. But it was easier for me to get amazing sounds out of the GEM III.The GEM Box III made it even easier to dial up the sound I was looking for. It took me about 2 minutes to dial up the most amazing metal tone I’ve ever heard in my life!What tops this off is that it’s only $300! I’m still amazed I paid so little for an effects board that performs so well. This purchase was a no-brainer!

  59. BE Reed

    Works as well as advertised!

    I really liked the factory features and with a little creativity the possibilities are endless. The instruction booklet was very helpful in navigating the MG-100’s many factory settings. The portability of the MG-100 with the battery backup is also a good feature. The videos to demonstrate the equipment and use was a big reason I purchased the MG-100 over more expensive models of multi-effects pedals. Actually using it was what sold me. The MG-100 is easy to setup and program. I have replaced some of the effects pedals I routinly use during practice and gigs. My fellow musicians are impressed by the sounds I create through this one small and inexpensive device. If you like using multi-effect devices the MG-100 is the one to buy!

  60. Azhar H.

    A phenomenal buy for both a professional and an amateur.

    Ordering this pedal was quite an interesting experience, initially looking into a multi fx pedal is a tough game. Some guitarists choose to have the platter of pedals for their unique functionality and the factor to brag to other musicians about their sound quality or the fact that they have an original “tube screamer” or a “digitech whammy”. This pedal has a relatively professional feeling, especially the knobs and the rubber top over the actual pedal modulator. The screen blew me away though, as soon as you plug it in, the 80s arcade game nostalgia feel that reminds you of the asthetic of games such as pac man, punch out or even old school donkey kong, except instead of playing games it presents the beautiful 16bit icons of the different pedal fx, from EQ to amps and even distortion, a trained eye will instantly recognise the pedals such as the boss metal zone and the 50150 preamp options that not even a trained ear can tell the difference of.I’m not even a guitarist, I’m a turntablist, using this pedal for the amazing fx I can add to scratching.It’s really the only pedal you’ll ever need.

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