Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 – Laptop de pantalla 11¨ IPS HD

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Seguro: $2.11

Trámite: $18.80

Comisión por compra: $11.75

Cobro por rayos X: $1.65

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IVA: $32.21

Obtén un alto rendimiento cuando lo necesites: el Chromebook Flex 3 se enciende en segundos y cuenta con un sistema operativo Chrome OS fácil de usar, una gran cantidad de memoria y almacenamiento, y mucho más. Elegante, estilizada y segura, esta laptop convertible de 360 ° tiene menos de 1 pulgada de grosor y alrededor del peso de un libro de tapa dura, con una pantalla táctil de 11.6 pulgadas que es perfecta para la informática diaria y multimedia, con o sin internet. El Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 es fácil de usar, ofrece protección contra virus integrada y sigue funcionando con una batería de larga duración. No necesita configuración: simplemente inicia sesión con una cuenta de Google para que los correos electrónicos, mapas, documentos y fotos permanezcan contigo a través del almacenamiento en la nube. Construido para conectarse, esta laptop incluye una variedad de puertos USB para una conectividad sin esfuerzo. Además, permanece en contacto con la cámara integrada.

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CB Flex 3



  1. CB Flex 3


  1. CB Flex 3

CB Flex 3

CB Flex 3

CB Flex 3

Chrome C330

Chromebook 3 11

CB S330


Especificaciones técnicas

Tamaño del área de visualización de la pantalla con pie ‎11.6 Máxima resolución de pantalla ‎1366 x 768 Píxeles Procesador ‎2.1 GHz mediatek_mt8173c RAM ‎4 GB LPDDR3 Velocidad de memoria ‎2400 MHz Disco Duro ‎64 GB Memoria flash Coprocesador de gráficos ‎PowerVR GX6250 Marca Chipset ‎PowerVR Descripción de la tarjeta ‎Integrated Tipo de conexión inalámbrica ‎801.11ac Número de puertos USB 3.0 ‎1 Duración de la batería media (en horas) ‎10 Horas Número de existencia nacional ‎82HG0006US

Marca ‎Lenovo Series ‎Ideapad Flex 3 Chromebook Número de modelo del producto ‎82HG0006US Plataforma de hardware ‎PC Sistema operativo ‎Chrome OS Peso del producto ‎2.65 pounds Dimensiones del producto ‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas Dimensiones del artículo Largo x Ancho x Altura ‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas Color ‎Blanco (Blizzard White) Marca del procesador ‎MediaTek Número de procesadores ‎1 Tipo de memoria del equipo ‎DDR4 SDRAM Interfaz de la unidad de disco duro ‎PCIE x 2 Tipo de unidad óptica ‎Sin unidad óptica Fuente de energía ‎Funciona con baterías Voltaje ‎5 Voltios Pilas ‎1 Polímero de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)

Tamaño del área de visualización de la pantalla con pie ‎11.6

Máxima resolución de pantalla ‎1366 x 768 Píxeles

Procesador ‎2.1 GHz mediatek_mt8173c


Velocidad de memoria ‎2400 MHz

Disco Duro ‎64 GB Memoria flash

Coprocesador de gráficos ‎PowerVR GX6250

Marca Chipset ‎PowerVR

Descripción de la tarjeta ‎Integrated

Tipo de conexión inalámbrica ‎801.11ac

Número de puertos USB 3.0 ‎1

Duración de la batería media (en horas) ‎10 Horas

Número de existencia nacional ‎82HG0006US

Marca ‎Lenovo

Series ‎Ideapad Flex 3 Chromebook

Número de modelo del producto ‎82HG0006US

Plataforma de hardware ‎PC

Sistema operativo ‎Chrome OS

Peso del producto ‎2.65 pounds

Dimensiones del producto ‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas

Dimensiones del artículo Largo x Ancho x Altura ‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas

Color ‎Blanco (Blizzard White)

Marca del procesador ‎MediaTek

Número de procesadores ‎1

Tipo de memoria del equipo ‎DDR4 SDRAM

Interfaz de la unidad de disco duro ‎PCIE x 2

Tipo de unidad óptica ‎Sin unidad óptica

Fuente de energía ‎Funciona con baterías

Voltaje ‎5 Voltios

Pilas ‎1 Polímero de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)


















Información adicional

Peso 3 lbs
Dimensiones 11.5 × 8.48 × 0.77 in



Blanco (Blizzard White)

Tipo de conexión inalámbrica


Número de puertos USB 3.0


Duración de la batería media (en horas)

‎10 Horas

Número de existencia nacional





Ideapad Flex 3 Chromebook

Número de modelo del producto


Tamaño del área de visualización de la pantalla con pie



Únicamente laptop

Máxima resolución de pantalla

‎1366 x 768 Píxeles


‎2.1 GHz mediatek_mt8173c



Velocidad de memoria

‎2400 MHz

Disco Duro

‎64 GB Memoria flash

Marca Chipset


Coprocesador de gráficos

PowerVR GX6250

Descripción de la tarjeta


Plataforma de hardware


Sistema operativo

Chrome OS

Dimensiones del artículo Largo x Ancho x Altura

‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas



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4.5 de 5 estrellas

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Producto en amazon.com desde

Enero 15, 2021

Tamaño de pantalla


Tamaño del disco duro

64 GB

Modelo de CPU

MediaTek MT8173C

Dimensiones del producto

‎11.5 x 8.48 x 0.77 pulgadas


‎5 Voltios

Marca del procesador


Número de procesadores


Tipo de memoria del equipo


Interfaz de la unidad de disco duro

‎PCIE x 2

Tipo de unidad óptica

‎Sin unidad óptica

Fuente de energía

‎Funciona con baterías

Peso del producto

‎2.65 pounds


‎1 Polímero de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)

Tamaño de la memoria RAM instalada

4 GB

60 valoraciones en Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 – Laptop de pantalla 11¨ IPS HD

  1. J. Couture

    Works out of the box, then some issues – we returned it

    It’s too tedious to try and keep this thing running. We returned it today before the deadline. If you enjoy tinkering then maybe this is a solution for you, but we ordered a new iPad instead.I was able to get started right out of the box. Added apps, set up my preferences, etc. the the OS updated and the touchscreen stopped working. I went searching for an answer and the fastest most reliable fix is to change to the Beta (it comes set to Stable) channel which’s skips the ChromeOS version with issue. I did not want to powerwash, I did try the hold the power button for 10 seconds, and I tried holding the reload button while turning it on for a hard reset.As far as the chromebook, this is the newer model we bought him in 2018 (same specs and a lower price). I was under the impression that Android apps for chrome books would be made for tablets, but some I loaded like reolink seem they are for phones and very clunky. Anyway, this one is for my father in law to use.I can easily recommend this one, you will want either a Bluetooth speaker or headphones for any serious listening though.

    A 31 personas les resultó útil

  2. Tee

    It’s tiny but great!

    Purchased this for my daughter. She loves it but says its so tiny and she was expecting it to be a little larger. The screen resolution is good and it processes pretty quick. Installation and start up was easy and she loves being able to download movies and watch them. She is pleased! Oh yeah, she mentioned that the keys are small and she has a difficult time hitting the correct key so she attached her keyboard and mouse to it for ease of use. Other than that, she’s satisfied.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  3. ErickErick

    Excelente comprá

    La laptop está genial, se deben descargar los programas que usarás ya que solo trae chrome, play story y Gmail. El uso es tan censillo que hasta mi niña de 3 año lo puede usar ya que es táctil y se puede colocar como una tablet.La batería si le dura pero no le doy la 5 estrellas porque nunca e tenido esta marca y solo tengo un mes de tenerla, pero para el uso básico que usaré creo que está genial.

  4. Ariel Villalon MonsalveAriel Villalon Monsalve

    A good device, finally after ChromeOS October 2021 update

    It is a very affordable device. I was looking for a laptop stable, fast and cheap. I got to this and the fact that the manufacturer sells it as a 2 in 1 chromebook got up the points for making my decision. It was very disappointing when the OS got updated and the touchscreen stopped working. No more 2 in 1, fake! But 0ctober 2021 updated arrived and, finally, fixed the problem allowing me having back my 2 in 1 Chromebook. Of course, having Mediatek processor, 4 Gb RAM doesn’t make it a powerful machine but for light-work and watching stream videos and music, make this device a very decent and cheap option to use ChromeOS.

    A 20 personas les resultó útil

  5. Nancy P

    Faulty cords

    I have had to replace the cord for this laptop three times now. It does not get abused. It is only used by one person and it is handled well. It is anoying and for the price of the computer I have spent almost more in replacement cords. Not a fan. Going to take everything off this computer and dump it.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  6. David

    Screen breaks

    I have owned this laptop for 11 months. Everything about it is great with ONE BIG exception. The top of the computer is breaking on both side about an 1 1/2 above the hinge point. I have never abused this computer and always opened it carefully.The material is not strong enough to support the opening.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  7. Matthew L. Korade

    Would not recommend

    I have owned several Chromebooks over the years and I’ve had this one for few months now. It’s loaded with features and the Chrome OS comes with everything imaginable to make it easy to use and more accessible. But as others have stated in their reviews, this Chromebook freezes and crashes constantly. It’s like they made an amazing system that the device cannot support. Even when doing basic functions (watching youtube or going on facebook), my screen will freeze and I have to reboot the device. I’ve even had to wipe it completely a few times. Honestly, it’s very disappointing. The reality of reading all the things that it supposedly can do and then not really being able to use them. If I were you, I’d shop around and get something else.

  8. Kassy V

    It’s a chromebook not a laptop

    Everything works as advertised. It is light and battery last longer than anything I’ve owned like this. Keyboard is very responsive. But it is not a laptop. It is more or less a Google machine. Which is what I wanted so works well for me. Only complaint is more with the apps and not machine. Few Google apps are just for phones and not chromebooks. Definitely would buy again.

  9. Debbie R.

    Bought this on 11/18/21, started acting “funky” two weeks. Now, the screen is black; won’t turn on.

    Started acting “funky” two weeks ago. Now, won’t turn on, but a frozen in place mouse pointer mocks me. Google says new battery needed; if that doesn’t work, then a new motherboard. Bought: 11/18/21. Lasted 15 months. Bad investment.

  10. DemJohnsons

    Where’s the white one?

    Overall, I like, and its use is perfect, but I order a white and was send a blue or grey looking one, I want to have the white one instead

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  11. Garthok

    Nice laptop

    I’ve always liked Lenovo products and this one is no exception. Great little laptop for my teen to use at school This is the second one I’ve bought because he dropped the last one and cracked the screen.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  12. Joni Hosman


    College student purchase to assist with course load requirements

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  13. Mercedes tattrie

    Product Meet user expectations.

    Screen protector needed to purchase separately from product.

  14. Rafael

    Lo que buscas en una tablet y lo tienes en una pc

    Agradable a la vista, buena bateria, es rapida, el tactil es de baja calidad, pero ña calidad de imagen es buena, para una pc personal con tareas del dia a dia la recomiendo

  15. Martin BeachMartin Beach

    Absolutely HORRIBLE Lenovo service

    Bought this unit for Christmas ’21, and it worked fine for *most* of a year – then died (see attached screenshot) Chrome OS missing or damaged. Recovery utility does not work for this model, and somehow a unit with a 1 year warranty shows the warrant expired last July. I paid to reinstate the warranty, but need to wait a month for the reinstatement to become effective. What an absolute waste of money & time. Thanks for nothing, Lenovo.

  16. DG

    I like the Lenovo touchscreen, folding laptop for my personal use.

    The Lenovo touchscreen has a long battery life and it folds over to work on like a ipad.

  17. Kimberly marshall

    Trash after a year

    It hasnt even been a full 2 years since i purchased this laptop and I’m already shopping for a new and improved one. If i knew i would have to buy a new laptop so soon i wouldnt have gotten this one at all. It sucks that I cant get my money back or a replacement. Didnt think i woud need a warranty because i’m over 40 and I know how to be careful with my things. Well the “B” and “N” letter no longer works on the keyboard, i have to use the floating keyboard to use those letters. The touchpad stopped working for no reason. My laptop is always clean and dust free so i cant think of a reason why it stopped working. I no longer have a mouse because of this. When i switch it to a tablet, it takes forever for the screen to turn, this laptop has become a problem and it was a waste of my money.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  18. Tatum Alverson

    Not the most advanced…. But a SOLID laptop

    This is a perfect computer for basic functions such as browsing or shopping. Also works well if you need to fill out PDF forms using the tablet/touchscreen function. Does not pair with Cannon printers has is works off of Chrome OS. Not to mention the price point was great. Overall… very satisfied with purchase 🙂

  19. euroconec

    Requires Google account

    It’s a great devise for online doctors meetings. Other then that it does everything needed, it’s just dependent on Google and everything you do is tracked by Goggle. Not only that, only one user can register, all others using it must either operate under your account or be registered as children. Had I known this, I would have chosen a regular note book computer. Then again Microsoft windows is worse as Microsoft rewrites your computer behind your back weekly.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  20. Gary M.

    Problem free product.

    Used primarily as desktop for web surfing and streaming.Owned for 1 month.PROSClaimed battery life of 10 hrs. is possible.HDMI connectorHDMI via USB CStreams PeacockTv via USB C and HDMIGood keyboardRuns most Android apps from PlaystoreNo fanBattery charges quicklyCONSSD card protrudes from side of machineMediocre screen image qualityMuddy audio from speakersNo GPSGPS would be nice for travel and mapping. Audio is probably par for this class of machine. No problems with touch screen or any other feature of this Chromebook. Would buy again at sub $200 price.

  21. Loyal Customer

    Nice product

    This is a nice little addition to our office equipment. Works great for our purpose! Thank you.

  22. Susan hall

    Works great for high school kids

    I was told that they love the touchscreen and the camera. It worked great for their school projects

    A una persona le resultó útil

  23. jeanette lyons

    Lenovo chrome like everything about it I just haven’t set it up yet

    I like everything about it I just haven’t set it up yet sorry.

  24. Lesley

    Great Affordable Chromebook

    I purchased this Chromebook to have a portable laptop for work.The positives:-I love the size & color-It’s lightweight-The keyboard is comfortable to type with-The battery life is outstanding.-The 2 in 1 feature is very neat.-Ability to personalize some of the settings similar to a Mac-It starts right up-The OS speed is fast-Google Play works just fine-It’s a great overall Chromebook if you are looking for an affordable option!The downsides:-To me are the display screen is small for the size of the screen. Lenovo could have made the display screen at least an inch wider and an inch higher without making the dimensions of the laptop larger and that would have helped the overall display significantly. It will probably be an improvement on a future model.-I didn’t do a video call, only took a picture and the camera quality doesn’t seem to be the best, so if you are relying on this for lots of work zoom calls, you may want to find something with a clearer camera, though it will certainly work.-The speakers are very low quality. It’s not horrible, but compared to most technology right now it’s on the lower end, for sure. If you mostly use a bluetooth speaker or earbuds to listen to music or watch movies this is no problem.-The mouse pad feels a little cheap to me. This is a $250 laptop, so it’s expected to feel cheap somewhere, but just something to note.-If you prefer to use Brave as your browser for privacy & security like I do, it is glitchy. This could perhaps be fixed with an update to that app.I am used to Macbooks, so this definitely feels like a downgrade to me, but for the price it’s a good deal in my opinion!Unfortunately the touchscreen on my Chromebook did not work. It could be the recent Chrome OS update that other reviews have suggested, so I will be returning mine because that was a feature I was most excited about at this price point. Amazon customer service took great care of me with this, supplying an option for a refund or exchange, even when Lenovo didn’t answer and eventually dropped my call to get product support for this issue.In the end, I personally will not buy this product for work again. I would buy it if I was looking for an inexpensive option for school, wanting a laptop/tablet for my child, doing a lot of traveling and not wanting to put an expensive laptop at risk of being damaged, or just wanted something cheaper to watch movies on. For a primary work laptop I personally need something with a slightly bigger/clearer screen and a better camera for video calls.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  25. DCH

    Works well, ordered white, got dark grey

    It seems to work well so far for my son’s 6th grade schoolwork but the only odd thing is that I ordered “Blizzard white” but got the grey version. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s odd that the specific color is listed in the item title (as opposed to an option the user selects before adding to cart) and it’s incorrect. I’ll update this review later this semester if anything changes…stay tuned…

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  26. Groingo

    So far so good

    Right off the bat I have purchase two of these so far from the Amazon Warehouse NOT Third Party Sellers because when purchased directly from Amazon you get manufacture support where third party you cannot.One was purchased as Acceptable the other Very Good yet both were like brand new and work great.Performance on and offline is very good, sound loudness is also very good but screen quality even at such a low resolution is excellent, tight, sharp with deep vivid true colors, videos run to 4K with no issues, while the keyboard and touchpad are also very good.The IPS screen for me is a must have and this one plus touch capability is just icing one the cake.Now for the real twist: I have bought 9 different Chromebooks over the past couple of months to see if they had that something special that makes them indespensible and I must honestly say that my Fire Tablets 7 through 10 and ONLY the Fire Tablets are much more useful, easy to use, take a ton less space, have much broader uses, easier to take with, typically much higher video, image and sound quality and much faster on the internet and cost waaaay less but give you so much more, so the grand experiment is done and I will be finding some good homes for the Chromebooks.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  27. Customer

    Simplified in the wrong places and streamlining the wrong things

    Bought this for my mother as a Christmas present. She has very basic needs for a computer: email, browsing, YouTube, Word, printing, and occasionally scanning.You’d think this was perfect for that…1. Signing in became more complicated (and it won’t let you bypass signing in without a password). This laptop forces you to attach your Google account to the device, which is fine. However, your Google account/email password becomes the sign-in password for the machine. For security reasons, her Google/email password is very long and complex. Since, on her old laptop, it was stored once in Outlook and she never needed to type it again, the complexity wasn’t an issue (and has helped prevent her Gmail from getting hacked again). Now, because your Google/email login becomes your laptop login, it was inconvenient for her to have to find the password and type it in each time she reopened the lid. And no, lowering the complexity of her email password was not – and should not – be an option. I realize this may be a minor gripe to some, but the goal of buying this was to simplify her life. Why not allow a separate login like we have on phones and tablets?2. The Word app is deprecated, and she was very fluent with Word and its features. You could still install it, but it wouldn’t let you past the initial screen. Picking “New Blank Document” did nothing. The alternative was using Google Docs, and again, that went in the opposite direction of simplifying things because now she had to learn a new word processor and compromise functionality she uses daily. She then tried the MS Office: Edit and Share app, but it didn’t have everything she needed.3. The printer she uses for classes to print/scan material would not transfer a scanned image to the Chromebook like her old Windows laptop. The option to download new drivers or troubleshoot were non-existent, since this is basically an Android tablet with a keyboard. Losing this functionality was a huge blow to her daily work flow.4. I had forgotten how bloated GMail web had become. The Gmail icon shortcut is just a shortcut to the browser version of Gmail, not the app like on phones or tablets. And the screen resolution is already not great, so the amount of bloat now assaulting her in the browser took up 25% of the screen (in addition to Chrome’s top bar), leaving her with even less screen real estate than her last laptop for the list of emails and preview window. The “Hangouts” sidebar couldn’t be hidden unless you wanted to hide the “Inbox” sidebar too, the right sidebar with junk she didn’t want or need couldn’t be fully disabled, and the top search bar with the massive “M GMAIL” is literally 10% of the top of the screen and couldn’t be compacted or disabled.To summarize: 4 of 6 of her basic needs were made more complicated or outright broken. The only thing she could do is Youtube and browse the internet, and within a week she went back to her old Windows laptop. It was not worth her frustration or the money, so I returned it.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  28. autumn

    Nifty little laptop

    A lot of people are complaining about the touch screen- I can understand why, as my touch screen stopped working for about a month October. But it began working just fine again some time in December. Aside from that, this laptop is nifty and I’ve made great use of it for college so far. I’ve had 10+ tabs open on it and it didn’t stutter, and it doesn’t heat up that much (or even drain that fast). I haven’t put it through a crap ton of stress, so I am not sure how much it could handle considering its specs, but it’s worked good for me so far. The screen quality is good for office/schoolwork, but don’t expect anything spectacular out of it. It isn’t a gaming laptop. Since I’m not using it for anything graphical, I don’t see an issue. It switches from laptop to touchscreen/tablet mode smoothly and without stuttering. Hopefully I continue to have good experiences with it, since it hasn’t let me down so far.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  29. Kayla Schneider

    Great Chromebook! Fast Shipping! Excellent Great Customer Service!

    This lightweight Chromebook was exactly what I was looking for! Great product. Long battery life. Great price. Excellent customer service. They responded to my question almost immediately which was amazing! Super fast shipping. Came sooner than I thought it would too. Everything exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend product & this seller. Wayyyy better than the previous seller I used. I used this Chromebook for my trip to Ireland, and it was absolutely perfect!

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  30. Wayne M

    Great compacted devise

    Loved it , planning to purchase again this one was for my grand- daughter next one will be mine ❤️ 😁

    A 5 personas les resultó útil

  31. Rufrain

    Great lightweight and inexpensive chromebook

    Great device. This device boots up very fast. I use it with Google remote desktop or moonlight to stream gaming from my main machine and it plays great. Crystal clear display and the TouchPad is very responsive. 5 plus hrs batter life depending on function. Recommend!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  32. ★Kyra★

    No problems with it and had it for 1 year now.

    This was for my 10 year old son…we had it for 1 year so far and it’s still like new. Nothing wrong with it and he uses it everyday. Great quality and very very durable. Love how you can use it as touchscreen. It’s great and my son loves it as well.

    A 5 personas les resultó útil

  33. Warlord Commander Mike

    This is great and durable

    This was a great purchase. I had no issues with it and it still works almost a year later even though i have dropped it several times.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  34. Phillie Shelly


    Before you buy make sure it’s compatible to your printer.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  35. Marilla Bailey

    Great for the price

    This laptop was a backup while I was getting mine fixed. The touch screen is pretty good, and just like my other laptop. The screen quality isn’t great. There’s a portion of my screen that is blurry and it is hard to see what I type. The battery life is pretty great! I use it for school and probably get at least 5 or 6 hours out of it before I even have access to a charger and it is fine. Basically, it’s pretty cheap, but for being cheap, it works well!

  36. Bill Berry

    It works as a computer

    It is working for what it was purchased for.

  37. Mrs. M

    A Wonderful Chromebook–Fantastic Price

    For the price, this is probably the best Chromebook on the market. With a full 360 rotation, it’s a great tablet, tent it for movie/tv watching or use it traditionally like a laptop. Because it is Chrome OS, almost every needed product is available in the Google Play store. It’s lightweight and so easy to carry around. I purchased a hardshell cover for it, a very thin keyboard cover (to protect the keys from my long nails; nothing worse than the color removed from the keys), a carrying case with a shoulder strap and for extra storage I have a portable thumb drive. It has onboard storage of 64gb which is extraordinary on a Chromebook. This is the third one I’ve purchased: 1 as a gift and 2 for myself (one of which I gave to my grandson for online learning) You cannot go wrong with this little gem!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  38. Ike

    Heavy but cheap

    Gets done what my out of date Chromebook did. Cost was one third of former laptop. Watched movie on plane with acceptable display. I don’t believe 12 hr battery life, but still substantial. Touch screen requires heavy touch compared to my phone. Would recommend for the not so power user.

  39. Stephen Blood

    limited keyboard capability.

    nice screen. limited keyboard capability. Limits composition.

  40. Casey Cooper

    You do NOT get a white Chromebook!

    Nice little chromebook. However, I ordered white and received a blue. Reading through the reviews… it seems as if noone actually gets a white chromebook as ordered and advertised!!

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  41. D. Adams

    First Chromebook and it’s a winner

    First off, the touchscreen works fine. I’m on version 100.0.4896.133 and had absolutely no issues. So whatever plagued this model previously has been resolved. Now then, lets focus on the laptop.The first thing I noticed was the screen. In an age of almost no bezels…. Holy bezel Batman! Is this a bad thing? Eh, maybe to some. For me I’m OK with it. Realize the laptop itself is about the size of a 13.3″ laptop. I haven’t looked into it but I suspect there’s a laptop in this chassis with a 12″ or 13″ screen. But in day-to-day use, it’s fine for me. The smaller screen gives a good pixel density and colors look fine. Very good viewing angles too. So all in all, I like it. Touchscreen seems very responsive as well. No issues at all there. Oh, and in the bezel there’s a webcam. 720p, does OK in low light, no physical shutter so get your stickers ready :PGoing down the laptop we have the hinge. While I’m not a fan of tablet modes that leave the keyboard exposed, it does what it sets out to do just fine. The pivoting action feels very smooth with a fair bit of resistance. Folding over into tablet mode, everything works as expected with good orientation control. So while something I won’t use much, it’s a nice feature.Down further, we get to the keyboard. Keys have a nice feel to them though travel is a bit short. Not Lenovo’s best but certain better than other keyboard I’ve used. I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t include the usual “F” keys given I use Linux on here but so far it’s not caused any issues…Finally we come to the touchpad. I must be honest, I despise most any touchpad without physical buttons. However, I must confess this one is actually very good. It’s proven to be very responsive with almost no hiccups. At times I will have a small lag if I try and use two fingers (resting one finger on the “button” and moving with the other) but it handles this better than other cheap machines I’ve dealt with. The physical action is rather mushy but taps work just as well.Finally, we come to the speakers. This is probably the weakest part of the whole machine. I find underside speakers become obstructed way too often. Of course this depends on how it’s used, but I’d much prefer top-mounted speakers. But judging what we have, they actually works pretty well. If you’re on a hard surface, they have decent sound. Nothing phenomenal, but about what you’d expect from a machine at this price point. And then if they are covered, you can still get OK sound from them.I guess the last point will be I/O. Charging is via USB-C, and yes, this port can be used for other USB devices too. You also have full-sized HDMI, a USB 3.0 and full-sized SD card slot. SD cards aren’t flush when inserted so that’s a bit disappointing, but I’m glad Lenovo at least opted for full sized ports and such. Now on the adjacent side we have power, volume and a headphone jack…not much to say there.Finally the guts of the beast. At the heart of this machine is an ARM based processor. I was very curious how performance would be using ChromeOS and more importantly the Linux dev environment. Results have been mixed but generally very good. As a Chromebook for surfing the web and watching videos, it works fine. Pages load quickly, videos play without issue, etc. The only hiccup I’ve found is playing a video in the background. The video remains frozen for a bit when returning to it, but this is only a minor quibble. I’ve not had many issues with Android apps either. My library is really only productivity software, but it’s all worked as expected. Over on the Linux side, the processor is a bit labored. Chromium under Linux is obviously slower than the baked in Chrome, but I’m sure Linux running as a VM doesn’t help.Lets end on usage, or more specifically heat and battery life. I’ve not done any specific testing, but I’d say 10 hours out of this machine wouldn’t be difficult at all. And then even while under a load and charging, there’s almost no noticeable heat generated by this laptop.If you’re looking for a good all around Chromebook and can overlook the oddly sized screen, I highly recomend this machine!

    A 35 personas les resultó útil

  42. F. L. OKelley

    Great Chromebook, but not what I had ordered.

    This Chromebook is a really good laptop. The price point was excellent, and it is a lightweight, solidly built Chromebook that sips on the battery instead of drinking or gulping it. An individual can expect to get a full day’s use on a single battery charge.I love the touch screen, 2-in-1 feature (tablet/tent or laptop, the sound is adequate, the keyboard size is good, and the weight is great particularly for adding minimal weight in a backpack. There is a mechanical slide built in to physically block the camera, which is a particularly nice feature. It uses a USB-C adapter, which is helpful for possibly being able to carry/manage multiple cords. It is compact enough to be carried in nearly any size backpack, messenger bag, or medium to large handbag.On the right side of the computer, there is a power button, rocker volume button, and Kensington lock input. On the left side, there is a micro-SD slot, a 3.5 mm headphone/microphone input, a USB-A input, and a USB-C power input. I wish there were either one more USB-C input or a second USB-A input; however, a USB-C mini hub (probably one with a power pass through) will provide additional inputs for any USB accessories needed. This is a minor complaint, but not enough to deduct a star.I did, however, deduct one star because I specifically wanted AND ordered a laptop in white. That is not what I received. (I received one that is dark navy.) I didn’t return it because I didn’t want to pay a restocking fee, and ultimately it meets every other expectation I had for a new Chromebook.If you don’t mind the random act of receiving a Chromebook in a different color than what was expected, this Chromebook is a good, solid item with a beast of a battery in a compact, lightweight footprint. it will provide hours and hours of surfing and streaming. It will be good for using the Google suite of items. It is a great laptop for a student, and it is a great laptop for a work if one’s work is largely web-based.This is what this computer is not: it is not a Windows PC system; it is a Chromebook. It is not a large computer. If you want a screen larger than 11.6 inches, this laptop is not for you. I am not a gamer, so I can’t speak to its ability to run games.

    A 18 personas les resultó útil

  43. Amazon Customer


    Nice price wish I had gone with larger screen. It is light weight and gets the job done.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  44. eb

    Great little laptop!

    Took a star off because I ordered white and got blue. I figured blue may work better because it doesn’t get dirty as easily/quickly. This is my first Chromebook and I’m not disappointed. I got this because I have a couple year old Amazon tablet and it gets buggy and laggy at times and it ticks me off. Plus a tablet isn’t the same as using a laptop/desktop when I need to do something in depth online. This little beauty fits the bill. I will say I still use my tablet because the screen and speakers are a little bit better than this Chromebook. Not to say this Chromebook’s speakers and screen are bad, they’re actually pretty solid. i do wish the speakers had a little more fullness to them. Sometimes I have the Chromebook in tent mode but it’s tough because the speakers are in the back pointing the opposite direction and you just don’t hear them that great. The processor is quite quick and the touch screen works very well. There are times when I use the touch screen and it doesn’t register but overall it works fine. I like the keystrokes because I prefer short distance and I like the click sound of them. Touchpad works great. For the price of this handy Chromebook I’m very happy with it.

    A 7 personas les resultó útil

  45. Sixbears

    great screen

    love the small size, easy to travel with. only bad part it took 13 days shipping.

  46. happileigh

    Good, but wrong color

    Like many reviews before, I really like the Chromebook but it is not the white one advertised. It is blue and the case that was recommended to go with it does not fit. I had to return it.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  47. María Conde Retamar

    espectacular para niños en edad escolar

    Es una excelente herramienta para niños en edad escolar. La compré para mi hija de 10 años y está encantada.

  48. KxK

    Reconditioned sold as new

    Purchased this as a new item but when I went register the warranty it was already registered 9 months earlier. I am working with Lenovo to get the full year warranty and, failing that, I will return for replacement.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  49. Monica

    Great laptop, they send the wrong color

    Overall this is a great laptop, but they don’t send you the right color. I ordered white and received dark grey. I decided to keep it cuz reshipping was a hassle.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  50. Ralph S. A.Ralph S. A.

    It worked and then it didn’t !! Now it’s working!!

    When I first received it it was a little difficult to sign in. But eventually I worked it out. Was doing great until a week ago! Now it will not let me sign in to my google account!! It just keeps going back to sign in. From sign to password, to verification, right back to sign in. It just keeps repeating that sequence, let’s me sign in as a guest but will not let me into my google account!! I have had customer service contact the dealer and I have yet to here back. It’s been two days and still not have not received any response!!I finally got sone help had to restart the whole operating system. It’s been working it’s been helpful, does just what I need although sometimes as most know Microsoft and google apps do not okay well together unless you purchase! Small not highly detailed projects it will get you by What can you expect for under $300.? I have not had no issues with signing in. It’s not ideal if your work system if just Microsoft

    A una persona le resultó útil

  51. ShellDT

    Great value for the price

    This is a basic Chromebook that does everything I need—email, Google docs and spreadsheets, and watching youtube or Netflix. I do not really use touch screen often, but after 3 weeks it continues to work fine for me. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  52. Michael A Rustic

    Nice machine..

    I needed to replace my old white Acer chromebook which would not update anymore.(By the way, what is up with that!)Anyway, this unit was under $300 so I went for it and haven’t been sorry. I also liked the white color. My old one was white as well. I like it better than all these boring gray ones.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  53. Karen

    Not as described

    I needed this chromebook for my college class. I loved the price and that it could become a tablet (touchscreen) or be used as a laptop. I like the size, the speed, the sound is great. But…I just got my order last night. The touchscreen worked for maybe 10 minutes and stopped working. I have tried turning off my computer and turning it back on… to doing a factory reset (powerwash). Nothing has fixed the problem.I called customer service and my only option is to mail it in (which takes up to 10-14 days) have them fix it (free) and ship it back. Who knows how long this process takes… I need the computer for class and cant wait that long.No, I dont need the touchscreen/tablet as long as the rest works… But I bought this expecting it to be as advertised and am very disappointed I did not get the product I ordered.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  54. Ronnie Goodwin

    It’s worth the money

    It’s ok I wouldn’t buy another one tbh but it works well enough

  55. Mackson Nicolas

    It is good for my health.

    It is the perfect one.

  56. Mary G

    Delivered computer far different than shown on spec sheet

    Ordered on Nov 26 for a Christmas gift. When opened on Christmas day by my new daughter-in-law, the computer was configured completely different. The spec sheet shows 2 USB A slots and 2 USB C slots. As delivered it only had 1 USB A slot and 1 USB C slot. To add insult to injury the card reader pictured on the spec sheet appeared to be a micro-SD slot, which most new (all?) laptops have. As delivered it was wide enough for a full SD card. Even more annoying the slot would not accept a full SD card. My son, who works computers for the government, said it appeared to be a “half” height slot, which he could find no cards on Amazon to match. Because this was the first Chromebook, and computer in general, my daughter-in-law has ever owned (outside of using in school), she was reticent to return for fear that something else would go wrong. She tried not to be too disappointed, but I could tell it was somewhat a letdown. My son did order a 256MB device from our account to fit into the A slot, but that means she has no spare USB slot to use. I am very sad that our first gift to her (she is brand new to our family) fell short from what we ordered. And I tried to see if she would exchange it, but as stated she was afraid something else would go wrong. I told her Amazon would probably make good, but I did not “push” since she was new to the family. Personally my wife and I feel we got the short end of the stick by Amazon. SO, a one star.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  57. Iris


    I have had many computers in my life and this one is the best by far. I love the fact that it is small and I can just throw it into my tote bag or large purse and take it with me anywhere. The battery lasts 10 or more hours. My main reason for buying was the specs and the fact that it was not WINDOWS. Using my Google Account my computer set up in less than 10 minutes. Using the Google Play store you can find all of your apps and install them. You will not be disappointed.

    A 12 personas les resultó útil

  58. Glenn Anthony

    Faster than win 10

    Battery life is very good,best bang bang for the buck that I found. Check out the reviews!

  59. torifranxx

    So far, so good.

    Upon reading the reviews, I was skeptical to purchase. But so far I’ve had no troubles with this chromebook. I’ve had it for over 4 months and no troubles. It’s a nice, small size laptop for take notes in college. Perfect for small backpacks and the battery life is good. Camera quality, not so much but I’m satisfied with everything else. Bang for your buck!

  60. Kyyrstin Franson

    Can’t use Facebook app with keyboard?

    The only issues I have with this is my paramount + app has to be minimized and then popped back up to load other then this it’s a good laptop more like a tablet set up though.

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