Impresora compacta multifunción HP Deskjet 3755

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Seguro: $2.00

Trámite: $7.19

Comisión por compra: $4.49

Cobro por rayos X: $1.65

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IVA: $13.33

Marca HP
Tecnología de conectividad Usb
Tecnología de impresión Inkjet
Características especiales Wireless,compact
Color Seagrass
Nombre del modelo J9V92A#B1H
Salida de la impresora Color
Velocidad máxima de impresión (color) 15 Páginas por minuto
Máxima velocidad de impresión monocromática


Hero HP DeskJet 3755 Printing


busy remote smart app productivity multitask on-the-go scanner copier timesaving


World's smallest all-in-one wi-fi wireless direct network icon lcd quiet mode scroll scan

print scan copy smartphone tablet 802.11

Main features

Functions, wireless and mobile printing

optional high-yield cartridges energy star efficient fit look designed

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functions speed display dimensions paper size tray capacity sheets input output weight scroll scan

functions speed display dimensions paper size tray capacity sheets input output weight scroll scan

functions speed display dimensions paper size tray capacity sheets input output weight scroll scan

functions speed display dimensions paper size tray capacity sheets input output weight scroll scan

Información de producto

Dimensiones del producto 6.97 x 15.86 x 5.55 pulgadas Peso del producto 5.13 pounds ASIN B01LAK6JVW Número de modelo del producto 3755


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Dimensiones del producto 6.97 x 15.86 x 5.55 pulgadas

Peso del producto 5.13 pounds


Número de modelo del producto 3755

Fabricante HP

País de origen China

Marca HP

Tecnología de conectividad Usb

Tecnología de impresión Inkjet

Características especiales Wireless,compact

Color Seagrass

Usos Recomendados Para Producto Office

Nombre del modelo J9V92A#B1H

Salida de la impresora Color

Velocidad máxima de impresión (color) 15 Páginas por minuto

Máxima velocidad de impresión monocromática 19 Páginas por minuto

Sobre este artículo Esto se ajusta a tu . Asegúrate de que esto coincide al ingresar tu número de modelo. Main functions of this HP DeskJet 3755 (3700 series) compact printer: copy, scan, wireless printing, AirPrint, Instant Ink ready so you’ll never run out of ink The power of your printer in the palm of your hand: The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up your printer, scan from your smartphone, order toner, and print from the cloud—such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive Ink delivered to your home: get your first 4 months free when you enroll in HP Instant Ink (optional) during printer set up; plans starting at $0.99 per month after the trial period, shipping and recycling included Compact and wireless, this printer is designed to fit your space and life; get the vibrant blue color and power in the world’s smallest all-in-one for home Any room, any spot-this ultra compact all-in-one is designed to fit where you need it Seven segment plus LCD display; HP Scroll Scan for easy handling of most scan jobs, from plain paper to stiff media Paper sizes supported: Various sizes from 3×5 in to 8.5×14 in including letter, legal, 4×6 in, 5×7 in, 8×10 in & No 10 envelopes Media sizes supported : Letter; legal; 4 x 6 in; 5 x 7 in; 8 x 10 in; No. 10 envelopes (Note: many other media sizes are supported. Anything from 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14″). | Media types : Plain paper, Matte Brochure Papers, Glossy Brochure Papers, Photo papers, Envelopes, Other specialty inkjet papers. Compatible operating systems: Windows 11; Windows 10; Windows 8; Windows 7; Windows Vista; iOS

























Información adicional


Azul, Seagrass, Piedra


Printer, Printer + Instant Ink, Printer + Standard Ink, Printer + XL Ink, HP DeskJet 3755, Printer + Black Ink + Black/Tri-color Ink

Dimensiones del producto

6.97 x 15.86 x 5.55 pulgadas

Peso del producto

5.13 pounds



Número de modelo del producto


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Agosto 23, 2016



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Tecnología de impresión


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Nombre del modelo


Salida de la impresora


Velocidad máxima de impresión (color)

15 Páginas por minuto

Máxima velocidad de impresión monocromática

19 Páginas por minuto

60 valoraciones en Impresora compacta multifunción HP Deskjet 3755

  1. Ashley Buford

    Small and effective

    I wanted a smaller printer because my older HP was way to big and I’ve been down sizing.This printer is my favorite one so far. I do change my printers out after 3 years and I’ve had this one for maybe a year and a half so we will see if I replace it with a similar printer or the same one!

  2. smace

    Good enough for infrequent use

    I rarely need to print anything, but what can you do when you DO have to print? This little guy does the job. He’s a little noisy, admittedly. But for minimal printing, this is very economical and takes up little space. I’m pleased.

  3. Bob in Riverview, Florida

    Nice, compact and accurate printer

    Very nice printer. Love the subscription service. You save money and it cuts out the hassle of ordering. The printer lets HP know when it is low. You also get a free ream of HP paper and a full set of additional ink cartridges when you sign up. The printer also comes with ink. We have done a bit of printing and the original cartridges are not low.

  4. beverly bradford


    Prints are really nice! Small and compact for small areas, does not take up a lot of room.

  5. Stephen Sedik

    Great for the money

    Great value

  6. De WDe W

    Good Printer, Complicated Instructions

    If you don’t work in IT or are not familiar with wireless setup I’ve made it easy for you. (See pic) I have a Mac on Sierra and even the printer’s print out instructions were unclear. They’re written vaguely and for printers with a more detailed digital screen. YOU WILL NEEEEED to enter the printer settings through the ip address and connect the printer to your wifi. No online instructions give you a step by step. I had a zillion links open just to piece it all together and I work in IT!!! I truly hope the instructions help someone! Prints fast! Haven’t tried the scanner. It’s cute and a great upgrade from my other lil plugin only hp.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  7. CarlosCarlos

    Complicated set up for a super simple printer.

    So, I generally do not make reviews for things that I pay off of Amazon. Usually when I buy some thing, the item is already reviewed thousands and thousands of times. This though, is an exception. I had to buy a printer out of complete necessity as my old printer died on me suddenly. I liked the price accessibility of this printer, as well as the size. I bet the bullet and purchased it, hoping for the best. Setting this thing up was the most complicated thing I’ve ever had to experience. I don’t know if it was because I’m on the wrong type of Wi-Fi, or my laptop is not updated. But this took me nearly 6 hours to unsuccessfully set up wireless. I had to go out of my way to buy a USB cord to connect to my laptop in order to print. That being said, now that it’s connected with the USB cord it works great. Printing is a little slow, but I didn’t expect it to be insanely fast as it’s a very basic simple printer. I have read that anytime it does any updates or any diagnostics, it prints out a page. Though that is frustrating I’m honestly not too concerned as you get a pretty good deal when you do instant ink through HP. If I hadn’t been so pressed for time, I probably would not have bought this printer. Would I buy it again? Possibly. I think if you have a PC with windows, this would work wonderfully for you. I don’t think that iOS software meshes too easily with this printer. Then again I am no tech guru, so don’t take my word for it. It does the job, it’s sleek, affordable, and looks great on my desk. One thing, I do wish that HP tech-support was a little bit more accessible. I tried really hard to find a customer service line or a tech-support line in order to get some assistance but I wasn’t able to do so. I was also super pressed for time so I’d rather just buy the USB cord and get it done. The only reason I would rate this four stars, would be the fact that the print quality is actually really good for what it’s worth.

    A 7 personas les resultó útil

  8. Clint Goss

    Setup that Actually Works

    If you want to use this from a computer with a USB port:1. Forget about WiFi.2. Get a USB cable (USB-A to USB-B) and use it to connect your device to the printer (there is a port on the back).3. Install the driver (happens automatically on Windows).4. Print to the new device.I (with a Ph.D. in Computer Science) spent 3 hours screwing around with WiFi and it never worked. (details: only some flavors of WPS seem to work with this printer so the router has to be specially configured. Also, complex PCL over WiFi causes the printer to flush the whole page … and those same PCL pages work find over wired USB).If you are lucky enough to be able to connect over wired USB, this printer could work for you.Downside of these low-end HP printers is that HP is really selling the ink, and they will do anything to draw you down the expensive-ink cycle. Including printing parts of the manual on the printer, getting you to sign up for an account, popups, notifications, etc. etc. Wired USB setup avoids all that …

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  9. Adrianna B.


    So I’ve only had this printer a few hours and will update my review if things change. Many other people have advised that the printer is difficult to get connected because the instructions are useless. My problem was not figuring out how to get it connected, but during the process I kept running into problems on HP’s end. Like it asks for a code at one point and I typed it in and pushed the submit button and nothing happened. It wasn’t telling me it was wrong, it was just like I had a frozen screen, but the cancel button still worked. Ran into several loops where the website would direct me to the app and then the app would direct me to the website which would just direct me back to the app. All of that aside, the real issue is that the printer doesn’t STAY connected. I thought it would be a difficult setup process but then it would be over, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a small battle to get it reconnected every time I want to print something. Luckily for me I’m just using it for hobby things so I only need it a couple times a month and will never be in a rush. But if I had to rely on it for high stress things that needed to happen timely we would be having major issues. Pros: super lightweight (my grandma who can barely walk on her own carried it inside while I wasn’t home which really worried me until I picked it up and realized that getting the milk out of the fridge is probably significantly heavier), looks clean and cute, ink cartridges were way easier to install than I expected, and I didn’t have to do any weird cleaning test pages to get the ink to work. Fist page I printed came out looking exactly like it was supposed to. If you don’t mind a big hassle then this seems like a decent guy for a cheapo printer

  10. Mama Sutra

    I love this adorable all in one!

    My old all in one kicked the bucket and I needed a new one as soon as possible. I’m disabled and I scan in all of my medical documents, I’m going through a messy divorce and custody battle and I scan and copy everything, and I’m looking for some place new to live so there’s a lot of printing, scanning and copying with that too.So I needed something quickly. The only thing that would make this all-in-one perfect would be if it had a better paper feed, feeding the pages one at a time is tedious with a large document.But for the price and the quality and the ease of setup? Absolutely go for it! And I have no idea what these people are saying that it was hard to set up the wi-fi, less than 5 minutes we were in, on my laptop and my phone!

    A 5 personas les resultó útil

  11. C. VanBrocklin

    Suits my needs.

    Takes some fiddling with to get everything working right but for a simple little printer, this is good. I would buy it again.

  12. Mordechai Kamel

    Works well, hard to set up

    It was very difficult to set up, I think the writing was in Martian. It was hard to find any information on setting up with a Chromebook. After 3 calls, we finally got to someone who knew the procedure, and the device was set up and working within 5 minutes.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  13. Ladynrg

    Just Download the App

    I was a bit concerned about setup after reading some of these reviews. Really, it was quite simple though once I downloaded the HP Smart app on my phone. The app will prompt you to connect the printer to wifi. Once the connections established, you can easily connect printer to computer and other devices. The app is much easier than installing software on the computer.

  14. sharon

    set up process

    I wanted a smaller wireless printer to sit on my desk for my HP laptop. This is the perfect size. Print quality is excellent. Have not yet used the scanner or copier. My biggest complaint was the set up process. For me it was very confusing, took a lot of time & many attempts. I finally had to use the HP printer doctor to help me out. After two attempts with them I am up and running.

  15. Leo’s mom

    Excellent value. Good little color printer.

    This little color printer is awesome! It prints beautifully and in vivid colors. I didn’t sign up for the monthly ink subscription and I definitely recommend you purchase the HP brand replacement cartridges at the same time as you are buying it (the ink cartridges that come in it run out of colored ink right away). I do wish that it would hold more paper but that’s not a dealbreaker for me.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  16. Abby4254

    Not the fastest

    It’s great for small spaces and for those who print very little. But it is incredibly slow. It may have done one page per minute. It also will disconnect from HP ink and not allow printing from anywhere. Good price, but personally, I need something faster.

  17. delores lefler


    The quality of the material it’s made of is very cheap but it works great

  18. Sara

    Easy to use

    I bought this wifi printer for my WFH job, and I’m now using a MacBook Air which doesn’t have any USB ports. So, the wifi printer works great for this laptop. I don’t use it a whole lot, but it works fine for the small amount of paperwork I have to print off for work.

  19. Johann11

    Works great!

    I like that it’s compact. Bought it to use for school work and it’s been great. No complaints

  20. Heather E.

    Great bang for your buck

    It took a little while to get the Wi-Fi to connect, but I have spotty service where I live. Over all it’s a cute color, does what I need and I couldn’t beat the price.

  21. luv2cyn

    Photos are Amazing!

    It’s not the easiest to figure out how to use. But once by it was up and running the print a few things text, drawings … 🤷🏼‍♂️ Yesterday, though (and I bought this printer based on reviews of this photo printing capability), after months of having this printer, I printed my first photo. Wow! 8×10 semi gloss – stunning, clear, detailed. I wanna give it a five stars – but I just wasn’t thrilled with it prior to the photo printing.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  22. Angelica


    Difficult to set up but so far it has worked well

  23. Jenny

    Great printer for price!

    Works great for what I need! I will say, the ink does run a little when I highlight it, but it’s not so big of a deal that it annoys me.For 100 bucks, this thing is great. It’s also small so it is easily storable.

  24. Terry G

    Works great

    Bought to replace older hp printer, very satisfied.

  25. njmalevoice

    Follow me if you want to connect it with USB…

    5 stars for Amazon fast delivery and this good cheap printer but 2 stars or less for HP wireless greed…To connect with USB, you will need USB-A to USB-B cable (not provided). No big deal for me; I found an old extra one that I don’t use.My instructions below for Windows computer only:You can FORGET about the HP Smart software. Go to, search for HP 3755, and download either the file “HP DeskJet and Ink Advantage 3700 All-in-One EasyStart Printer Setup Software – Offline Use Only” dated Mar 24, 2022 (if you just want to print, no scan) OR “HP DeskJet and Ink Advantage 3700 All-in-One Print and Scan Driver and Accessories” dated Mar 14, 2022 (if you want to print AND scan).Once you downloaded the software from the HP site, SHUT OFF your computer’s WIFI (do not turn WIFI on until the end of this printer installation). Run the software. Follow the on screen instructions. I think you only need to agree the EULA, everything else you can skip or say no. Use manual set up instead of automatic if asked, it should force the USB connection or to choose between wireless and wire. Turn on the printer. Connect it with the USB-A to USB-B cable… If the screen is stuck at spinning while looking for the printer, ignore the “do not disconnect usb” warning, just unplug the usb cable and reconnect or try another USB port from your computer. After the installation process, now you should be able to print.To use the scan function, turn the WIFI back on. Go the Microsoft Store, get the “HP Scan and Capture” app. Open the app, location the HP 3755 in the setting. Since there is no physical button on the HP 3755 printer, you will need this software to scan. Within the app, you can choose where to save the scanned photo/document.I was able to wire connect this printer with 3 Windows laptops as a backup printer.

    A 63 personas les resultó útil

  26. Sharon

    Not for the poor sighted

    So the review is no fault of amazon’s. The printer, though it came without the box etc, was packaged very well, without a scratch. And to be honest, even if it did come with a manual it probably would’ve been no help. It refused to recognize one black ink cartridge, but luckily I had another. The alignment page is not like others, you have to actually see which set of lines line up the best on like 10 rows and they’re very small. And when you submit your answers it says it’s unable to align! Luckily, my test prints all came out fine, and the photos I printed did as well.

    A 8 personas les resultó útil

  27. Ebony


    Setting up this printer for wireless use is possible but tedious. You’re better off buying a USB cable! This is the only issue I have otherwise the printer works fine.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  28. Trfrost222

    Great little printer but…..

    The info screen is not backlit so difficult to read/see. It is also NOT a touch screen. I have used it for printing and scanning and it is a great printer for like school / home use. Good printing, easy to set up and use.

  29. Amanda Amerman

    Get what you pay for

    When I leave 5 stars it’s usually because I am blown away by a product. This does not come close. However, it’s a printer that I spent under a $100 on so I should be grateful. The quality isn’t near as good as my laser printer. But my main complaint is how long it takes to print. It takes forever. But that doesn’t mean I am unhappy with it. I am only printing things for my kids, homework and silly stuff. Nothing super important. I needed something to print random things in color because my laser printer is black and white. So it makes a good side addition to that. It was good enough to keep. Especially considering what I spent on it. If you need this for important documents or work stuff I would not recommend this. If you are using this for fun things for random crafts then this is great for the price. I have had a little color bleeding on some things that’s why it wouldn’t make for a good work printer on important documents.

  30. Babs

    Initial wifi setup using my phone was a bit annoying

    I was trying to setup the printer using my phone (Samsung S9, so Android 12 software) and it just was not working. There are no instructions explaining how to connect the printer to the WiFi network in the first place. So I installed the HP Smart app and had it scan for the printer as follows:(Make sure printer is on)Add first printerGet startedWifiGet ready to connect to printer: follow the first 2 steps. For the 3rd step, the only thing you need to pay attention to is that your phone’s Bluetooth is ON. When you press CONTINUE then OK, it will prompt you to allow location permission (Precise), so accept (I chose: while using the app).Now it’ll try searching for the printer, since the printer isn’t connected to your wifi of course it won’t find it.Click My Printers Not Listed – it’ll search againClick Find Printer -now it’ll attempt to make a direct connection to the printer (not using your router). If the printer is on, and the wifi icon is flashing, the app should locate it and connect to the printer. If the WiFi button light is not on and flashing try pushing and holding the button for a few seconds.Follow the prompts to connect the printer to wifi. Select the correct wifi to connect to your wifi router, enter the password. And now you should finally be connected to the printer through wifi.Just following the prompts to finish the printer setup.

    A 35 personas les resultó útil

  31. Melanie Pope

    It works

    I like everything about it I just thought the Wi-Fi or you could use it to your Bluetooth on your phone but you have to have Wi-Fi so I have to use the Wi-Fi built in the printer itself which turned out okay

    A una persona le resultó útil

  32. McKenna Owens

    Best purchase

    I was skeptical when buying this, because there was other reviews saying it took forever to set up. It was so easy and straightforward to set up all in all, maybe took me 30mins collectively. If you are thinking about buying this, you should!

  33. Polly Laden

    Great printer for the price

    Although it seems a little flimsy, upon first glance, this printer has definitely performed beyond our expectations. I have used it for paper, stickers, iron on transfers….. and every time the colors are vibrant and uniform. It was easy to set up. (I am not a techy).

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  34. Rachel Field

    Affordable, compact printer

    I really like that this printer is small and still has all the functions I need. I have had large multi-function machines in the past, and they take up so much space. This product is easy to setup and move as needed. Print quality is great – we will see how it does with ink as I use it more. I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a compact, affordable option.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  35. Kia Vicks

    Good for the price!

    Gets the job done! I gave it 4 stars because the setup was a pain, especially if you have a newer modern Wi-Fi router. I honestly still don’t know how I figured it out, and don’t think I 100% set it up right. However, this is still a great printer for the price!

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  36. LEAA

    You get what you pay for

    My printing needs aren’t extensive so Russ works perfectly for me. If you print daily I suggest getting something a few steps up but for random print jobs you can’t beat it

  37. Hollandgirl68

    Compact, Works Great

    I love the size of this printer, very compact. Not the easiest to set up, difficult to get it to sync with the wifi. After it is all set up it works great!

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  38. Dean McClain

    Simple setup!

    Pay no attention to the many reviews that say this printer is difficult to hook up. Trust me I am not a computer guy! Yes I admit the included instructions or lack there of is frustrating. Simple fix, You Tube! Before I even opened the box I watched about 5 videos on the set up including the one posted from HP. I took what I felt was the best from some and tossed others. I now had a starting point. This set up could not be any simpler.Plug printer in.Load paper in rear tray.Open front paper catch tray.Install color and B/W ink.Printer will take a moment for its initial info load and then will just wait for you.From the App Store install HP Smart.Open the app and set up an account.From there just follow the prompts to “Add a new printer “.It will take about 3 minutes from here until you are printing.As it sets up you first device it will send a link to share to set up your other devices. I had 2 IPhones and 2 IPads connected and working perfect in less than an hour!I am thrilled with how well this went from start to finish and will recommend this printer for anyone looking for a good home use unit!

    A 26 personas les resultó útil

  39. JaimeJaime

    Compact and easy to set up

    Much smaller than I anticipated. It came packaged well and took less than 10 minutes to set up. It worked immediately, I didn’t have to mess around with it. The ink cartridges are small but if you aren’t going to be using it constantly it shouldn’t be a hassle.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  40. Kristian S

    Works great for what I need!

    I so far have had no issues with this printer. Super easy to set up wireless connect and it was a great price

  41. J. Link

    Addendum — Don’t let reviews paralyze you!

    Addendum 29 November 2020 (purchased in February 2020). The first several months with this printer were serendipity, printed great, but I only needed it a couple times a month. HP sent a spare set of ink cartridges early on as my first refill under its Instant Ink program.Went to print after a couple months of non-use in October 2020, photo colors were washed out and striped, like the heads had lost all control (more on this in Addendum at bottom). After several attempts to remedy it, printing test pages that all counted toward my Instant Ink quota, I gave up and installed the new ink cartridges, all was good again. Now, a month after that, went to print a letter with photos, back to the same problem.This printer unfortunately is no longer worth the pain and suffering to work through it. It was great at first, but then it let me down, bigly. My guess, someone who uses it regularly would have better results, as others reported the inkjet heads dry up if not used often.And a word about the Instant Ink Program. A reason for having this small compact printer is the ability to stow it away when not in use. However, HP sent frequent reminders to plug it in and get it on line so it could report on the 0 pages it was printing. I tried to do so for a day here and there to suit them, but the communications got more aggressive. Plus…the program of free monthly quotas up to 15 pages now has a nominal charge. And more, once I sent in the old inkjet cartridges I was hoping for HP to send replacements. Did not happen, apparently I have to print their target threshold of pages, which isn’t going to happen with bad printing issues.Summing up, I had high hopes for this for my minimal use, but those hopes were for naught.If you are a potential buyer, here’s some longer term experience, but if you are a frequent user, I encourage you to read below at what I found out of the box after a couple weeks of use. It’s not all bad, just didn’t work for me.——————-My 8 year old HP OfficeJet 6700 finally gave up the fight — would not load paper. It was originally purchased to print from iPhones and iPads, but gave way to a mono LaserJet Pro M227fdw, which is a workhorse (if you want a reliable mid-level all-in-one). Both excell(ed) at duplexing, which was a main requirement for my printing at the time each was purchased. As I defaulted to the LaserJet, I used the 6700 for color printing only, which was done in spurts, probably not averaging more than 10 pages a month, plus expensive cartridge replacement.Once I lost the color printer, I did an exhaustive, paralyzing search for a replacement, since the need was essentially just for simple color printing. The DeskJet 3755 was attractive in compactness, style/color, and price, but came with so many negative comments on multiple facets and no duplexing. Yet, no matter what I looked at in the less-than $200 variety, everything had similar faults, almost as if the same group of reviewers wrote the same reviews for every HP, Epson, Brother, and Canon printer out there.I eventually decided a $50 cost was worth the risk, even with reported slow performance, scanning issues, connectivity issues, and an ink-guzzler. I was also turned off by the reported “must provide credit card to set up” reports. No, you don’t, I did without it. But I later provided a credit card to join the HP Instant Ink program, which once you do the math, is a no-brainer at low volume…or actually any volume, with the flexibility to change or back out at any time.After a week or so, I can report it is not slow (in general) at normal quality, and the print is crisp, even with photos embedded in documents. Scans are crooked if you put them in loosely, as opposed to square against the right-side guide, and then the scan is as you would expect a proper scan to appear. No, it doesn’t have a flatbed to scan books, ID cards, etc. I don’t care that you can only feed one page at at time, since I’m using my LaserJet for scanning. If you are copying voluminous ledgers or reports, anything other than loose pages, don’t buy this all-in-one. I have not and don’t intend to do color nor B&W copying, so maybe folks are right that it’s not great on this printer, though with a little patience, it probably isn’t that bad as reported.As for connectivity issues on initial setup, I was prepared for a mess, but was delighted by the simplicity, which I accomplished while on eternal hold with another company needing customer support; you could call it “distracted setup.” Perhaps the confusion for some users comes in the variety of ways HP offers for setup…through a downloaded mobile platform app, direct cable, or internet connection to your main computer, in my case a Mac OS. I opted for the mobile platform app. It was not always intuitive, but with few little hiccups, it connected well. I would offer to be sure your main computer downloads needed drivers, and once I did, I had no problems. I didn’t realize that until I went to the downloaded app for my Mac, that drivers still needed to be loaded, which took less than 5 seconds to do.For the record, those reporting they had to print 11 or more pages in setup…you pushed too many buttons that can give you status, etc, but really didn’t need to be printed with setup. With initial setup I only printed three pages, one being the print alignment tool, which was optional (it was pretty much okay without doing that).I can only surmise that those reporting connection problems either had a network system that was tweaked for their purposes beyond normal configurations, leading to compatibility issues at first attempt to connect to this printer, or they possibly tried to mix steps of the options for setup if they encountered what might have seemed like non-response, in which case I discovered give it time. There are occasional blank screens that don’t show loading/setup action, which was working in the background. That’s one thing HP could fix.What actually scared me were reviews of poorly printed text, photos, and the like. As one or more reviewers have noted, that is likely a firmware problem. So upon initial setup I checked the firmware status and confirmed the latest was installed, likely when first connecting and registering. And as mentioned, there are a couple tools in the app to help you fix that. That said, there are no issues so far with print quality — text nor photos. It is what I was expecting, and surprisingly, not much different from the good old OfficeJet 6700, Rest In Peace.So I have a printer that I expect to meet my low-demand color print needs as well as ink resupply, that will hopefully be delivered without asking, just-in-time at low or no-cost. I decided I really don’t need auto-duplexing, I can just turn the page over to print the flip side, and I love the compact size and color styling. If it starts to let me down I will amend this review, but for now, 5-stars for a $50 unit, with pleasure!Addendum October 18, 2020: One thing another reviewer pointed out, that the inkjet heads dry out or clog up from dust over time, or a variation of that, just happened. After 8 months of very low level use, I went to print a color photo that at first printed normally but too small, resized it, reprinted, and the colors where very much washed out, almost negative-looking. Cartridge ink levels looked to be more than half on the HP app. I did a couple routine troubleshooting attempts like reducing pixel count, realignment test, and the like, but no change. I removed the inkjet cartridges, wiped the excess ink from them, and tried again, no change. So I installed the new jets the HP program had sent upon signup and everything again worked fine. I returned the old cartridges in the prepaid envelope from the ink program. Hopefully HP will send replacements automatically as they did before. But the foot-stomper here is use it more often than I have been and you should be A-OK. Still 5-stars!

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  42. Guilex

    A good printer at a great price that is a pain to set up on your WIFI

    TL;DR: How to set up the printer1) Plug in2) Add ink cartridges – make sure that they are installed correctly and there are no error codes on the screen3) Download the HP Smart App on your phone or on your computer4) If you are on a VPN, disconnect5) Follow the instructions on the App – the printer will either be found or not. If it is not found, try the “Manual” process where you use the App to connect to the printer wifi/bluetooth (this is easier on your phone vs on your computer and I recommend doing it on your phone).6) Once the printer is on your wifi, you can connect it to your computer(s) around your home.7) At any point, hit the wifi button and the cancel button to reset the wifi pairing mode on the printer and wait for the power button to start flashing. Once it starts flashing, the wifi pairing mode has been reset and you can start the process again (if you mess up like I did).Let’s start with the obvious – I bought this printer for under $100 because I needed something simple for working from home. I don’t do photos or large jobs or anything – just things like forms that I need to sign and scan back (and I use my phone and the adobe app for all my scanning), Amazon return labels, and small jobs. The printer is perfect for all of that. An amazing price for a good quality printer that prints well for small and non-intensive use.Let’s talk about the set up – I consider myself tech savvy. I am not someone who needs help in setting up wifi tech in my house (we are pretty wired). Yet this took me over an hour to figure out. And thank goodness that I could troubleshoot on the internet when things went south.So I first followed the instructions for plugging it in/adding in the ink cartridges. After putting in the ink catridges (its one of the first parts of the set up), everything started blinking except the power button. And the screen (which is not lit very well) was flashing an E and then a 3 over and over. Had no idea what that meant (thought it had to do with it not being connected to the WIFI yet and decided to continue to set up my printer.Didn’t work.I tried using my computer and tried using my phone. Didn’t work. One hour went by as I tried everything – that included resetting my router, holding down the Wifi Button and the Cancel button to reset the wifi initiation mode (as suggested on the internet) but that wasn’t working. And finally…FINALLY – the E3 flashing made me thinking something else was wrong. And it was – I had installed the ink cartridges wrong (they really need to be pushed in until you hear a click…I didn’t do that).Once that error cleared, I pushed the wifi button and the X/cancel button and waited for the Power Button to start blinking (as the internet told me to do). This process refreshed the wifi pairing mode. Once that happened, I was able to connect the printer to the wifi using the app on my phone and once the printer was connected to the wifi, I could add it to my computer.I just needed someone (for instance, the instructions) to let me know about the error codes and making sure I was doing what I needed to do instead of wasting an hour trying to do everything.So in summary – great little printer for the price, TERRIBLE instructions and not enough information to get it set up unless you do it perfectly from the get go (which how can you when you aren’t given enough information to do it!). I gave it 4 stars because its a great printer at a great price. It lost a star due to the lack of information/troubleshooting on how to set it. Error codes and what they mean should be standard in the manual OR at least the manual should have a QR code that leads you to a place that outlines what they are.

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  43. Christine Mann

    Great for what I needed

    I was looking for a compact wireless printer for a very small workspace at home at a great price, and this printer is exactly that. I have a Chromebook, and contrary to other reviewers, you can use this printer with a Chromebook, it’s just HARD if you’re not a techie. Took a 40 min phone call with tech support to get it done. The online instructions are crap, don’t waste your time there, just call tech support. It is also pretty slow when printing, which is fine for my purposes, but might bother some people. But now that it’s set up, it works great and saves space. I’m overall very happy with it.

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  44. Sarah K PeacockSarah K Peacock

    Works great!!

    The only reason I didnt give 5 stars was because it was real confusing to network it. The directions weren’t very helpful either. You have to get the app smart hp to get it working. It should say that in the directions. Once I figured that out it was simple and easy step by step directions on the app. I do recommend this printer it does a great job. It prints pictures and anything else you need very nice. Just letting u know you need to get the smart hp app from the play store to get it connected and working.

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  45. BeachLover

    Top quality printing

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased a bluetooth printer for home and am super pleased with the printing quality of this one. It is compact so it does not take up much space on my desk and took my son only a few minutes to set up. It is fast and quiet and meets our needs from printing recipes from my phone as well as top quality resumes. Very simple to use from all sorts of devices. My only complaint is that it has to stay on all the time – I wish there was a way for it to sleep and then wake if you are not in the room with it when you are ready to print.

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  46. GypsyGypsy

    Perfect size

    I wanted the machine to work with my phone I didn’t care about a laptop or computer. It works wonders printing from my phone to printing bkack or color really easy. It comes with with 2 cartridges 1 bkack and 1 color, the machine works perfectly fine. There’s 2 apps you have to download if you want easy printing feom just a button without having to open apps just click on print from any picture or document and thats it. The low quality takes about 15 second but a great quality takes about 1 minute which is fine to me since I don’t use it much maybe 10 or 20 per month. Recommended.

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  47. Debbie Culley

    Was a LIttle Hesistant, But I am Very Happy With My Purchase!

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this printer when I read about difficult set-up problems. And, indeed, my printer was hard to connect to my wireless router. However, when I called HP service desk, I was connected to a very saavy technical person who worked from home. After about, probably less than 60 minutes, he was able to get my printer connected successfully. In addition, he gave me an email with a confirmation code in case anything went wrong again. I also hooked up my printer to HP InstaInk and the smart home app via my smart phone. The Smart Home App is free and has many advantages. I like the InstaInk program personally, because I do print on a regular basis. The ink cartridges are very easy to install. The colors from email prints are very vibrant. I haven’t tried printing any photos yet, so we will see. This printer is a good value for the money, although it’s not the fastest in the world.

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  48. Amelia Hupe

    HP deskjet

    I rated it a 4 star because it does not have the capability of printing on both sides of the paper. Other than that, it’s a good printer for a low cost.

  49. Amazon Customer


    This is a good printer. I don’t love that HP tries to get you to subscribe for free ink. I have another HP that did and found that I could go days waiting for free ink. The installation was harder than it should be. I was able to set it up for wireless, but only after I had to buy a printer cable to connect it for the first time I used it. Strange and HP is not that helpful. All that said, if you need to print out a small job – great printer.

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  50. Tim_BTim_B

    Would not work out of the box – carriage locked

    This printer comes with VERY FEW printed instruction sheets, which one would assume means it is simple to setup. Unbox, plug in, insert ink cartridges, connect via USB, WiFi direct or add to your WiFi network and voila!Except when I plugged it in and opened the front panel to install the ink cartridges, I could hear/see the cartridge carrier shake and vibrate but it would not move to the open area to allow installation. I looked inside for one of those large red/orange tabs that sometimes secures movable components, but none were visible. I checked the instructions AGAIN – nothing. I viewed the setup/get started videos on the HP website, no mention of anything to remove.Error code 3E on the panel which means ‘carriage malfunction’ (no surprise). Instructions on how to clear the error were about removing paper jams. Have yet to print anything, so no paper has been through it. After 30 minutes of back and forth I am ready to box it up and return it and as I turn it over, I hear a ‘rattle’….hmmm. I shake a bit, more rattle. I look inside and shake and waaay in the back, I see a small white plastic piece. I cannot reach it with my hand, so I continue to turn and shake until this piece falls out (see picture).Plug it back in and the carriage centers as it should and I can proceed with installation.While the installable HP printer app is well designed and easy to use, and there are numerous pages of instructions you can print by pressing buttons on the printer, HP should include just a little more information – especially about the carriage lock AND use one that is a more visible color.Another potential problem is if you sign up for ‘Instant Ink’ – the ink delivery service.This service requires connectivity from the printer to HP using a webservice. Unfortunately, this feature was disabled by default (at least on this printer). When I tried to register I kept getting a rather innocuous error. After a bit of frustration and way too much time, I found reference to how to enable it, but using a browser to connect to the printer directly. Cool – except I was prompted for a password, which wasn’t provided anywhere. None of the ‘usual defaults’ worked, nothing listed on the HP site/web search worked but I found mention of how to reset it to not need a password, which I did. This also reset the WiFi settings on the printer – phhht. Fortunately, the HP software made setting that up, AGAIN straight forward, but I mean – COME ON!All total, I spent approx 2hrs of frustration getting this tiny box setup when it should have been <30 minutes.As a result of these experiences, I rated this printer 1 for tech support due to setup issues and 3 overall.For those not familiar with WiFi Direct, be aware that when you are connected to the printer you are NOT connected to your internet connection. I've had more than a few friends get frustrated by that. I recommend you avoid it unless you have used it before. It's benefits in your average home environment is, IMO- limited.

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  51. R Smith

    Very good compact printer. Horrible scanner.

    Bought this to replace my old HP wifi printer/scanner (upgraded to windows 10, no HP drivers for a 14 year old printer).PROS1) Small footprint2) Printouts are extremely good.3) Fast printing.4) Can scan single sheets of paper.Cons:1) NO flat bed scanner, which I use for everything from receipts, to stamps, to old pictures, pages from a book, to full sheets of paper. (Not with this thing).2) Can ONLY scan full sheets of paper. a) Need a store receipt scanned? Forget it, you MUST tape it to a FULL sheet of paper, wasting the paper and messing up the receipt. b) Need to scan a page out of a book, not with this thing, unless you are going to tear the page out of the book and tape it to a full sheet of paper. c) Want to scan in old photos, 100% forget it, i) photo must be taped to a full piece paper. (Tape will not be coming off tye x photograph when done. ii) the rollers pulling the paper through the scanner will totally destroy old photos. So do NOT try it unless you want horribly scanned and destroy photos.I can only rate this as three (3) stars because this is a very good printer with a totally worthless “scanner” function. Cannot scan small things like receipt. Will totally destroy any old photographs you might want to scan. This device should have been sold as a printer only. Only then would it be 5 stars for is speed and print quality. The horrible/worthless built in scanner drops the rating down to no more than 3 star. Whose dumb idea was it to incorporate a single sheet roller scanner in to home printer? It adds no value to this device.

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  52. John

    Have to get tech support for system above windows 8

    If you are running window sys above windw 8 you will need HP tech support to install updated drivers. Can not get them with just driver update. Have to contact HP support to get help to install them.

  53. valerievalerie

    Great compact printer for my basic printing needs

    Take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. I was skeptical too but I just got it today, set it up, test printed text and photo.. it was exactly what I needed!Pros: set up time 10-15m from opening the box to downloading the hp desktop and mobile app, set up was easy and straight forward, the size is compact, and print is great, photo print is already dry off the rack.Cons: photo printing is slow but i expected that (30s to 2min depending on your photo), the material of the printer is hard plastic and light weight that when I was trying to install the ink i had to be gentle than rough because i was jamming it in there, potential paper jams IF you don’t align paper correctly.I didn’t try the scan feature but im sure that would be fine.Do not forget to select glossy photo paper in the options before you print or else you will get lines in your photos!! There are options in the menu that is meant for specific paper to have good print.Overall, great compact printer for my basic printing needs!

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  54. WalterHWhite

    Efficient little printer

    I bought this wireless printer to replace an old HP DeskJet, which still works but is finicky. The HP DeskJet 3755 requires very little space and is best for small print jobs, which works well for me. Set-up was quick and easy and ink lasts a good while. This printer isn’t for big jobs; for that, you’ll want a larger, more feature-rich model. I recommend HP printers, although I’m longing for the day when you can buy reasonably priced ink cartridges (hope springs eternal).

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  55. Kelly

    Perfect for Dorm

    I bought this for my daughter for her dorm room. It took a little bit to get it set up. It won’t connect on a public wifi system so I needed to buy a cable to connect it to her laptop. Once it was set up she said it works great. The printing is great.

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  56. Heather

    So beautiful but don’t know if it’s worth the headache

    No se pudo cargar el archivo multimedia.

     I love how beautiful this printer is: compact, kinda quiet, and just so so pretty.Prints are gorgeous, pictures and cards etc.Black and white prints with just some wording print very fast and loud.Color prints/copies print obnoxiously slow but quiet.ButThe setup was a hassle (I was in tears after watching so many videos before receiving my printer to avoid that very thing)The printer picks up and spits out several sheets of paper (their own HP paper they sent me) randomly during prints which makes trying to print a specific number of sheets double-sided not worth it.Definitely make sure you use the printer everyday, even for 1 print, otherwise the ink dries out and the paper settles into the paper tray and contributes to feeding funny( multiple sheets at once)Sometimes the printer feeds so many papers at once it jams.HP harasses you to keep the printer on to tell you nothing.So as beautiful as this printer is, I am seriously considering if it was worth it or not.

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  58. Lori

    Great value

    This all-in-one is great for home use. It isn’t too big or bulky and it works great. It was super easy to get up and working with my macbook – something I can’t say for all peripherals. It is a great value for the money.

  59. HelloGorgeousFinds

    Love the size and color

    I needed a printer on the fly, this one came quickly and set up pretty easily. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s very loud when it prints out. Otherwise the size and color makes it a nice addition the an office.

  60. Kathy

    Worst printer setup EVER! Wouldn’t connect to WiFi or USB, and came with a dried out ink cartridge!

    If you are about to make the same mistake I did by purchasing this printer b/c it’s the least expensive one available for same-day delivery via Prime, then save yourself time and money by reading this first. I literally spent 5 hours working on setting this up today and finally ended up having to call HP Support for assistance. They took 45 minutes to troubleshoot over the phone.1. This printer ONLY connects to 2.4ghz wi-fi, and not all wi-fi routers are “manually” switchable. So if you have a non-manually-switchable 5ghz router (like I have through Spectrum, model sac2v2s), then you have to call HP Support to get 5ghz drivers by letting them remote-in to your computer because the drivers aren’t easy to find. The person I spoke with at HP Support even installed the wrong driver pak on my computer initially. So if you fall into the category of having a router that auto-switches between 2.4ghz to 5ghz without the option to manually switch, then getting the right drivers installed is the ONLY way you’ll be able to connect to wi-fi.2. If you can’t connect to wi-fi, then you have to connect via a SPECIAL USB cable… not just any old USB cable. And this printer DOES NOT COME WITH THE CABLE! You must purchase a USB-A to USB-B cable separately (one end is a normal USB connection but the other end is a big old fat square shape with a slightly curved top). It’s an “old” printer style cable.3. But I couldn’t even connect via USB, so had to call HP Support for assistance. After the technician remoted-in to my computer, installed the wrong drivers, installed the right drivers, tried figuring out why the printer was showing an error for the ink cartridge (after it super-slowly auto-printed 2 pages of wi-fi setup instructions TWICE, for a total printing of 4 pages overall), then they made me “watch” a video on how to remove the ink cartridges b/c they couldn’t tell me how to do it (and there were no instructions included about it), they finally determined there was an issue with the black ink cartridge. She said it happens periodically where the cartridges arrive already “dried up.”- This normally wouldn’t be that big of an issue since you can print using the multi-color cartridge, but since it’s 5 days before Christmas and I just bought the printer this morning on a Prime same-day delivery rush to print shipping labels since my big printer died last night, I’m going to end up using a lot of the color cartridge to get the job done and HP said they were ONLY going to send me a new black cartridge. I had to protest MULTIPLE times since their “defective” black cartridge is going to cost me money because I’ll have to replace the color cartridge sooner than normal. The Tech finally got approval from a Supervisor to send me a color and black cartridge – and I’m supposed to receive them in 17 days. SEVENTEEN DAYS!*** Do your homework before buying this printer. When I think about how much time I wasted today and all the hassle I went through just to print labels to ship Christmas packages, I truly wish I had spent $100 more and bought a “decent” printer. This one is AWFUL and the setup experience was beyond horrendous.*** Your only safety net for ensuring you’ll be able to print quickly upon delivery is to buy backup ink cartridges and a USB-A to USB-B cable (if your router isn’t “manually” switchable or if you’re unsure). And even with all that, it will still probably take you a while to setup so it’s usable. And you’ll still end up with an old model printer with poor print quality that requires you to download the HP Smart software through the HP website before you can do one darn thing!Trust me, keep shopping.

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